Environmental Committee, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Environmental Committee


June 13, 2024

7:00 p.m. – Bad Alfred’s

Attendees: Jenny Freebery, Carole Trippe, Secethia Boardley-Davis, Laura Chamberlin, Brad Hollomon, Liz Peterson, Charlie Conklin, Kelsie Fronheiser, Erin Heckles, and Mark Carper. 

Mark Carper recorded the minutes.

Previous Minutes: Minutes from the May 9, 2024 meeting were approved.  

Energy: The Town is seeking to establish 25 EV charging stations.

Town Recycling: The limited scale of the community makes affordability an issue. Discussions with local waste contractor still underway. Household trash pick up is twice per week. A suggested schedule is one day per week for trash and one day per week for recyclables, which would go into a dual stream of one with metals and plastics and the other with paper and cardboard.

Treasurer’s Report:  The Environmental Committee has $226 with an unknown amount from the Earth Day Fair to be calculated and rolled in.  

Compost: – The town has agreed to fund compost pick ups from Shore Soils. Determination of a centralized pick up point is to be determined.


  • Possible status of Town as a “Bee City”, a “Bird City”, to be reviewed.
  • Establishment of no-mow zones
  • Tree mapping of town
  • Recycling efforts at the recent Tea Party were successful
  • Question of whether the new Starbucks will have adequate landscaping to account for its stormwater
  • Job description for intern with Washington College CES established
  • Means of making Chestertown’s plastic bag ban more effective, such as drafting an article explaining the importance of the ban
  • Promoting the use of cat collars – to reduce their predation of wildlife – through banding and distribution from local feed, garden, and pet stores.  

Meeting closed at 8:27 p.m.

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