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Chestertown Environmental Committee
In Person and Virtual
June 8, 2023  

June 8 at 7:00 pm Town Hall

Ford Schuman, Jim Bogden, Liz Peterson, Mark Carper, Secethia Davis, Carole Trippe, Dave Sobers, Brad Hollomon, Tim O’Brien, Amanda Marple Urban Grid, Kevin Clark Urban Grid

 Minutes by Jenny Freebery

  • All approved May Minutes
  • Carole- purchased 8 compost bins, split dunk costs, ads for dunk kits, water dispenser, earth day banners, 2 benches- will purchase tools/concrete blocks for HHGES compost base and do a joint project with ShoreRivers
  • A permanent water fountain in town in plan according to Tim. Plans for at least 2.
  • Garden club will be sponsoring compost education for students- support of CEC requested
  • Water and habitat met and put together 200 mosquito dunk kits
  • Town has agreed to indefinite ceasing of spraying with caveat of can do it in emergency- overall positive response from town
  • Private spraying at Wilmer Park- for certain events if over a certain threshold- rest of Town isn’t sprayed- consider buying bat boxes
    • Action Item- bat box building workshop
    • Purple martins could be used at the waste water treatment plant
    • Buy bat boxes from a supplier and get donations at the CEC booth- partner with CES?- they already do bat boxes and looking for locations to put them.
  • Urban Grid: Utility scale solar
    • Kevin project manager for building and maintaining-
    • Regenerative Energy- include sheep grazing and other ag with solar
    • Agrovolatics- ag and solar duel use
      • Pollinator habitats
    • One active project so far- working on others including Chestertown
    • Education for youth interested in careers in renewable energy
    • Concept plan submitted to Kent
    • Public outreach meeting June 20th Hotchkiss Hall WAC
    • Trickles into the closest houses- no storage- that is through PJM, but a large process to get it set up- potential space for storage (PJM is PA NY MD – regional consultant who manages the grid upgrades)
    • Local jobs created- for construction, but otherwise just maintenance
    • 200 foot vegetative (grass and tree) buffer from road with electronic gates and security fence- trees will be a mix of native evergreen and deciduous
    • Community partnerships- Urban grid gives- sponsors organizations- env and sustainability, education esp on renewable resources, veterans, youth programing
      • Work with schools for educational training programs
      • Sponsored community museums and virtual classrooms
      • Sponsor events and volunteer- ex food pantry, trash pick ups
      • Scholarships for high school student entering trade schools esp electrician or other renewable work force development initiatives
    • Letter of support from the Town
    • Distribution- high voltage lines from substation to power lines
    • Would be willing to consider partnering for an electric vehicle charging station
    • Required to have an amenity for the community- open to ideas
    • Possibility to work to make Chestertown all solar- would need to involve Delmarva Power, but some concerns about effectiveness of it- could be done as work with Delmarva pushing the highest amount towards Chestertown
    • 35 year lifespan of panels- agreement for whole lifespan with the property owner
    • Contacts:
      • Kevin Clark- Utility Scale Solar Project Manager

337 Log Canoe Circle

Stevensville, MD 21666

410-604-3603  410-490-5113c



Amanda Marple- Community Engagement Manger



  • Recycling for Tea Party- had a recycling bin next to every trash can- there were 85 containers out there. Water bottles were the largest part of the trash
  • Composting at a community scale- looking at possibilities
  • Tim O’Brien-Larry DiRe will be new Town Manager- strong env background- big into energy efficiency
    • Interest in waterfront walk and other env projects
    • Take this time to look at rules and figure how new town manager can support the community groups- consider a larger annual budget
    • Can renew ideas with new mayor, council, and town manager
    • Conversation with Tim on ideas
    • Town interested in getting back to curbside recycling- Tim
    • Company is going to do $24 per month for 2x per month pick up with single stream
    • Map of town green spaces- reduce mowing- ex soggy parts of Bailey Park
    • Integrated plan for waste water treatment plant- parts of it being leased- could go into native grasslands or trees- natural lands program
    • Yard waste collected could be turned into mulch- could even be sold as revenue stream
    • Option to annually request funds- can create a budget with a wish list
    • Committee ordinance online- check on website- form for supplemental budget requests
      • March every year send in wishlist for year and potential budget
      • Do a 6 month check in
    • Potentially do a check in once the new town manager is onboard
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