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March 14th at 7:00 pm at Town Hall

Jenny Freebery, David Sobers, Secethia Davis, Carole Trippe, Ford Schuman, Paul Troyer, Scott Dever, Mark Carper, Laura Chamberlain, Albert Larotondo, Wendy Wander, Brad Hollomon, Jon Hanley, Margie Lance, online Marcus Goldman, Andy Goddard

Secretary work- Laura will look into AI- Mark will take minutes

Treasurers report- Carole

  • Fiscal year runs July- June. Now have $923 to use until June 30th
  • Will use for Earth Day Social Media, new pop up tent and mosquito stuff
  • Budget ask has increased from $1000 to $2000
  • Dave proposed having a speaker to help with audio for meeting especially if using AI transcription.

Jon- energy and transportation

  • Tom has a presentation for solar expansion and energy audits
    • Town has been supportive- gave good presentation last Monday
  • EV charging infrastructure frustrating- not all sites are working, but overall have 23 sites- new suppliers business models are not set up for here- potentially going with Blink- most important thing is reliability and availability of service- our stations don’t do well with the new 4G

Carole- water and habitat proposal

  • Town approved ShoreRivers stormwater plan. Stormwater plan can be found on website. Committee could help pick a project to encourage implmentation.

Marcus- meadows

  • Town is reviewing the state law that HB322 that supports the allowing of meadows
  • Some pushback of requiring no plantings within 10 feet of edge of road and within 5 feet on edges of property which would be especially challenging with small yards.
  • Margie pointed out that it is counter intuitive to the ShoreRivers stormwaters plan that would reduce runoff
  • Dave suggests invite Tom Herz to talk with us about it- Wendy will ask him to come to the next meeting.
  • Jenny noted include some notes that town has authority to go into yard to do maintenance to underground utilities and that could be one of the challenges.
  • Marcus already put a note in the ordinance proposal that anything dangerous like thorns or things blocking right of way view would be prohibited. There is site distance requirements for intersection.
  • Larry is ok with what was has been considered.

Paul- hospital underground spill

  • Paul’s expertise is working with leaking underground storage tanks such as what the hospital has- hospital has been working on remediation- has a pathway to degradation and there is a groundwater pump and treat system to keep the plume close to source- mayors concerns were that half the product is in the ground and it is upstream from our town water- no effort to excavate. Currently monitoring it.
  • Paul is more concerned about 107 South Cross Street- former Admiral dry cleaner- percoethylene and trichlorethylene are perfect contaminants- sink in aquifer and dissolve over years- break down into more toxic compounds- creates a vapor problem- need to look at depth to groundwater- could threaten well- lots of studies of this location- response action plan by bright field consultants- only an anaerobic pathway to degradation which relies on specialized bacteria- Paul will send Jenny the plan from the plan and review from 2018. How should we bring this to attention of the town?

Carole- composting

  • Met with Larry and approved 2 96 gallon containers to be at vault storage- $75/container/month for once a week pick up of composting with Shore Soils
  • Longer term if it works out to have a site in Chestertown for commercial composting by waste water treatment plant
  • Brad met with director of Heron Point to discuss Heron Point composting- would potentially also include other three MD ACTS institutions in Kent to share costs
  • Vault storage drop off would just be for residents- commercial businesses would have to pay separately- Shore Soils also does weekly home pick-ups ($25/month for weekly pickup)
  • Paul suggested that we need to make sure that the facility is properly permitted and managed well

Lamotte battery recycle – 75 lbs over 3 months

Committees Meeting (March 2nd with tree committee, recreation committee, and us)

  • Ideas that came up from the council
    • Stormwater stenciling – Tim O’brien. There are grants that would could get grants=
      • Could work with ShoreRivers and CES/WAC intern
    • Free bulky trash pick-up once a year
    • Trash ordinance- certain areas of high litter like around Dollar General
      • Consider more regular pick-ups
      • Could also work with shopping centers on planting trees, banner signs, etc.
    • Low mow and no mow zones- advertising about no mow zones
      • Garden club also working on no/low mow for fountain park
    • There is an event in park on June 8th, potential opportunity for collaboration
  • Advice from Town Manager when making requests for activities
  • Include information on how many staff hrs would be needed, Town Council, committee hours?
  • What is the cost, what funding is needed? Include marketing in budget
  • Make a plan then take it to the council and then work with town manager to implement
  • Keep the asks on town staff to a minimum and provide a clear roadmap.
  • What are the priorities for using our limited hours?
  • Everything needs to tie back into the Comprehensive Plen. There are regular meetings so if someone could attend that it would be valuable. We should at least familiarize ourselves with the Plan.

Do we still need to do a presentation on March 18th for Budget Meeting? No, but may just mention to see previous presentations.

Plastic Bag Bans

  • Change from plastic of any thickness to plastic film of any thickness

Recycling- Ford

  • Ford spoke to Wallace Henry- challenge is that he has a single truck so can’t bring it mixed- possible to do one week paper/cardboard and one week plastic bottles and metal cans- glass would need to be dropped off- Wallace can drop paper off to Creafil for no charge to town and MES would take plastic and metal- need for collection containers for the town- people might be able to use own containers- trash would 1 time per week and recycling 1 time per week
  • The main challenge will be education and training people on the new routine.

Other Business

  • Earth Day is coming along- save the date for April 20th
  • Environmental Award-
    • Do we want it to be every year?
    • Who do we want to nominate?
    • How do we commemorate it- a plaque at Town Hall?
    • What are the criteria?
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