Environmental Committee, 2021, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Environmental Committee
In Person and Google Meeting
March 9, 2023

In Attendance: Jenny Freebery, Andy Goddard, Darran Tilghman, Secethia Davis, Carole Trippe, Zoey Brookbank, Erin Heckles, Liz Peterson, David Sobers, Joe Maisano, Alberto Larotonda, Brad Hollomon, Thomas Dietz , Mark Carper

Meeting opened 7:30

Meeting Overview

Earth Day festivities, Farmers’ Market, and the New CEC Shed behind Town Hall were hot topics. Sustainable Maryland, and feedback to the group on the Town Council Meeting by Jenny et. al., and the Tea Party also were featured prominently. The town now has a contract in place, details to be worked out, with Republic Recycling. There was more discussion of the committee’s finances and worthy projects to fund. June 30 is the deadline for spending, and all monies not spent return to the town coffers. The Sustainable MD kickoff meeting is Tuesday, March 14.

Treasury Report (NO CHANGES)

1.The town assigns $1,000 every year to the Committee,
2. Monies not spent by June 30th of each year are returned to the town
3. Cash currently on hand is about $1.4K,
4. Further minor donations are expected (Farmers’ Market, etc.).

Spending Opportunities (New Items in Italics)

1. Earth Day costs run approximately $500,
2. We can buy and distribute/sell more mosquito dunks,
3. Buy two Infinity Recycling composting bins and put them up for auction on Earth Day,
4. Conduct a composting workshop and sell the bins there,
5. Do a $200 upgrade to the Farmers’ Market booth,
6. Buy more benches made from recycled plastic we collect,
7. Earmark $250 for advertising and $50 for printing of flyers,
8. Sponsor a “Don’t throw down C-Town” litter project?
9. Get a foldable wagon to store in the shed for use at Farmers’ Market, etc.


Details of the new domestic recycling program are being worked out with Republic.
Word needs to get out for people to sign up.
Putting a notice on the water bill was suggested.
Possibly a single bin per household.


Annual Earth Day Celebration, Saturday, April 22, 2023

Partnering with Washington College
There will be a press release in the SPY
WAC donating $1,000 for expenses

Some sponsors, events, and tidbits of information mentioned at meeting:

     EV displays
Composting bin auction (See spending ops above)
Several energy companies are signed up as vendors
Morgnec Solar – Mark to provide contact?
We are looking for a geothermal energy and for energy auditing. We have several leads.
Gloves needed for trash pickup booth (JJM to provide)
EV Institute
Shore Rivers
Solar United
Chesapeake Investment Advisors
Giveaways for Volunteers: Lanyards, pins, etc.,
WAC Electric Boat Race and live music at Semans-Griswold Campus
The whole Washington College portion, will have regional advertising
Enlistment of an energy auditor is confirmed

NOTE! March 31 is soft deadline for activities

Sustainable Maryland Certification, 2023-2025 Old and New Business)

● We are spearheading the recertification process.
● We have completed a 90 minute training course.
● Carole Trippe will be managing the project and Andy Goddard will work on the website.
● Individuals need to take charge of an item/project/effort and sign up to do it.
● The presentation given by Mike Hunninghake, the program director, is on the website.
● First meeting scheduled for 7:00 pm, Thursday, March 16 at Town Hall.

March Town Council Meeting

Some out growths from Meeting:

Council Strongly support all our efforts commended us on our productivity and effectiveness
Need to increase EV Visibility -Engage Kent County Tourism?
Tom Dietz offered to add an EV charging station at his commercial property
Need to get info on EV charger usage from Jon (Joe)
Need to add EV signage around town
Need to post charging rates
Someone writes and article about EV chargers in town; Cost by location, etc.

Tea Party Notes and Comments

Discussion about how to facilitate recycling at the event
Separate Cans for garbage and recycling?
Containers centrally located for cardboard, plastic bottles, soda cans, glass?
Proposed site is Fountain Park sidewalk
Wendy to call Ford about cardboard recycling

Work Group Reports

There were no updates presented from the work groups.

New Business/Miscellaneous

Tom Dietz offered his building for an EV charging station. Property on Cannon Street that
Backs up to parking lot behind Bad Alfred’s.
Backyard Buffers – Free trees available for people near water, etc.
Do we host a composting booth at a workshop in May?
Would be promoted on Earth Day.

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