Environmental Committee, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Environmental Committee
In Person and Virtual
May 11, 2023  

In Attendance:  Jenny Freebery, Secethia Davis, Carole Trippe, David Sobers, Thomas Dietz, Joe Maisano, Kevin Denice, Brad Hollomon, Mark Carper, Erin Heckles, Alberto Larotonda, Andy Goddard.

Meeting opened 7:06

Meeting Overview

Earth Day recap, finance/budget updates, Sustainable Maryland, recycling promotion, town promotion of renewable energy on the grid, CEC participation in the Tea Party and the formation of a food systems committee were all discussed.  

Treasury Report


  1. Monies not spent by June 30th of each year are returned to the town,
  2. Cash currently on hand is about $2,817,
  3. Projects that could be funded before June 30:
    1. One or two new park benches, one in front of town hall($468/bench),
    2. Donation to Shore Rivers for tree planting to town,
    3. Purchase of mosquito dunks
    4. Purchase recycling containers for town recycling areas,
    5. Bat boxes?
    6. Compost bins for the Garden Club($50 per bin).
    7. Advertising in The Spy and on social media.


New Business/Miscellaneous

  1. Should we set up a recycling subsite on the CEC webpage?
  2. Should we draft a postcard about recycling?
  3. Town Council has asked for a presentation.
  4. No spraying was done this year.
  5. Members are encouraged to sign up for the Farmers’ Market CEC booth attendance.
  6. CEC will add a Food Systems committee.
  7. A motion was approved to send a memo to the Town Council about ties to renewable energy sources. Research is needed to find examples of other towns in Maryland that are participating in renewable energy initiatives.




  1. Domestic recycling program – can sign up via town website,
  2. Pick up every other week.
  3. Plan not approved yet.
  4. Possibly a single bin per household.
  5. There was discussion about approaching the town on Styrofoam recycling.
    1. State grants might be available to help on setting up a program.
    2. May be new, more progressive grants available under new administration.


Annual Earth Day Celebration


  1. Successful event and well attended.
  2. WAC donated $1,000 for expenses (Urban Grid).
  3. Other donations were LaMotte, $500, the Town, $500, other, $500.
  4. A composting workshop is scheduled for May 20 at 10 AM at Sumner.


Sustainable Maryland Certification, 2023-2025 Old and New Business)


  1. Thirty specific activities were cited.
  2. Much work is needed to update old items.
  3. Project going well. Deadline is June 30th.


Tea Party Notes and Comments (MARCH Minutes)


Discussion about how to facilitate recycling at the event

            Separate Cans for garbage and recycling?

            Containers centrally located for cardboard, plastic bottles, soda cans, glass?

            Proposed site is Fountain Park sidewalk

            Wendy to call Ford about cardboard recycling


EV charging infrastructure

  • number of charge points remain unchanged
  • new Level 3 behind 329 Cannon Street
    • approved by the town
    • funding secured by Tom Dietz
    • will include solar system
    • public charging station, fee applies
  • ACTS has approved multiple Level 2’s on campus
    • HP green committee is coordinating
    • suggested third party supplier will be ChargePoint
    • private & public use, fee applies
  • Kent County government interest
    • Dawson Hunter has agreed to help deploy charging stations on county owned property
    • Penny Young-Carrasquillo (Grants Manager for Kent County) has been engaged to assist with grant requests
    • potential locations include the Detention Center grounds and the Kent County Community Center
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