Environmental Committee, 2020, Town Agendas & Minutes|

CEC Minutes

November 5, 2020

In Attendance: Andy Goddard, Darran Tilghman, Jon Hanley, David Sobers, Zach Kelleher, Jenny Freeburg

Administration: Geraldine and Harold are still interested in participating but not able to attend this evening. David Sobers suggested checking to see if there is a better day/time for them.

October minutes approved as revised. Andy to ask town to change CEC website info re: public attending meetings

Old Business: Still need merchant info on U Capture SACRJ confirmed partnering with CEC

Energy & Transport: Town has application into Delmarva Power grant for 2 EV Charging locations at foot of High St. Jon to follow up on application progress

Action Item: How best to present recommendations to planning commission for

1. EV Charging opportunities at new building locations

2. Ensure Native Plants used at new building locations

Action Item: Darran to circulate petition re: Delmarva pipeline running through low income areas

Waste Management Recycling & Waste containers acquired through Keep America Beautiful grant arrived.

Water & Habitat: Chestertown Heritage Trail/River Walk potential project. WAC, ESLC, Town of Chestertown/Shore River & South Fork Studio all met to discuss

Public Art Committee officially finalized sculptures

Melissa of South Fork Studio assisting with Wilmer Park naturescape

Food Security Action Item: Jenny to check into promoting canned food drive.

David Sobers suggested asking Redner’s to offer donation option to local food bank

CEC Agenda for November 4, 2020


• Guest and member introduction

Old Business:

• Supporting UCapture

• Partnering with the Social Action Committee for Racial Justice

Energy & Transport

• Town application for Delmarva EVSE grant

Waste Management

Water & Habitat:

• Oil spill update

• Wilmer Park waterfront strategy

Food Security

New Business

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