Environmental Committee, 2019, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Environment Committee

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, 11-7-19

7:30 PM


Present: D. Tilghman, C. Gallegos, D. Foster, G. Farley, K. Lamoreux, Z. Kelleher, D. Sobers, K. Denice (SGA representative), F. Schumann


Recognition of 1-year anniversary of strategic planning

  • Minor action point: need to recruit and retain new members (requirements: willing to attend meetings, work on tasks between meetings)
  • NOTE: ad hoc working group: communications & outreach


Energy & Transportation:

  • ACTION ITEM: Greg to talk with college’s solar development firm about subleasing/selling some of the 6MW power

Water & Habitat:

State of Riverwalk

Garnet Good Seeds Garden

Administration: no report

Waste Management:

Downrigging Zero Waste (needs more organization): 3000 guests produced 400lbs bottle/cans, 200lbs cardboard, 500lbs organics, 2 bags of trash (~50lbs total, so <5% of the total waste: ZERO WASTE)

  • IN THE FUTURE: vendors should be encouraged to use bamboo, not PLA plastic
  • NEED: great big sign to help end users understand how to use bins
  • ACTION ITEM: calculate deferred cost
  • ACTION ITEM: bring this data and this message to Washington College

Keep Chestertown Beautiful program update

Downtown Chestertown Association: wants to eliminate single-use plastic for First Fridays

  • ACTION STRATEGY: “sit in” on DCA meeting to learn about/suggest combined purchasing power for green purchasing; suggest grants
    • research compostable ware (drinkware, silverware – bamboo, starch, plastic)
    • Investigate cost to compost at Aberdeen: how do we get material to commercial facility, and what would that cost?
    • Make retail establishments responsible for cleaning up cigarette butts; Terracycle as an option?
    • Investigate Green Purchasing (paints, solvents, cleaning agents, etc.)

Communication & Outreach:

  • ACTION ITEM: acquire login information to enable editing of webpage
  • ACTION ITEM: investigate column in Chestertown Spy


Dec. 5

Jan. 2 (may be moved?)

Presentation to Town Council once new member are seated: January 6

  • Darran to check with Jen (at Town Office) about 1/6


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