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Chestertown Equity Advisory Committee

Chestertown Unites Against Racism

May 11, 2021


Present- John Queen, Vic Sensenig, Kate Livie, Bishop Ronald Fisher, Jenn Baker, Maegan White, Ruth Shoge, Thomas Hayman, Reverend Robert Brown

Executive Action: Minutes from April 13, 2021, were approved by Thomas Hayman, seconded by Bishop Fisher.

Chairman: Meeting began at 7:10 PM.



JUSTICE DAY event May 15th, 2021 3pm-4:45pm (James Taylor Coalition of Sumner Hall) Via Zoom and Facebook Live

Chairman Queen discussed the ongoing work for the imminent Justice Day event, with a Q and A with author Sherrilyn Ifill and additional guest speaker. Ruth Shoge shared the flyer for the event, and discussed some of the events planned for the event.

Community Dialogues #1 and #2 (released 2nd week of June)

Chairman Queen said that the work to edit the videos is ongoing. Maegan White then updated the group on the success of each community dialogue, and the focus of the students and community on local and national events. White reiterated her excitement at hosting more dialogues next year.

Town Council Business

Councilman Herz reported and said that the EAC is able to attend the farmer’s market to sell banners and yard signs. If the space is limited, Hertz explained that other locations would be available in Fountain Park, etc.

Re: donations, Hertz explained that the contributions need to be made out to the Town of Chestertown, EAC.

Committee Agenda:

Juneteenth presentation w/Black Union of Kent County (Unification/Juneteenth event)

Queen as a representation of the Black Union discussed the mission of the Union and their year’s events and how they have worked with the Town of Chestertown.

Queen then invited members to explain their role in the Black Union, how they became members and how they contribute to the organization. First, Dr. Kitty Maynard joined and shared. Next, Amanda Fry of Echo Hill Outdoor School shared her experience. Cat Buchanan described the importance of her membership, and how as a black woman she felt this was a way to effect a positive change. Then, Shamika Queen shared her experience and explained her motivation for membership. Finally, Jim McComb communicated his wish to replicate the efforts of Kent County organizations in Queen Anne’s County as a model.

Chairman Queen then gave an overview of the events planned for this year’s Juneteenth celebration and explained the planned events and the rollout for the schedule, including JEDI training for the community and a block party in Fountain Park. The next day will have events focused in Wilmer Park, including a historic signage reveal and the attendance of delegate Andrea Harrison as a keynote speaker and special guest Savannah Shepherd, and other performances. Finally, the event will conclude with a candlelight vigil.

Ruth Shoge then asked if Sumner Hall is involved, and if there are further opportunities for involvement. Queen confirmed that yes, Sumner Hall is involved. Baker offered to pass forward information to the downtown business association meeting, and Queen explained the current relationship with downtown community businesses.There was then a discussion about porta potties and facilities for the event. 

Plan Implementation: Education, Legislation and Unification

Book Club w/Sherrilyn Ifill starts May 15th 2021

The planning for the event is well underway, with some discussion about how to maximize the impact of Justice Day and conversations around the book club. EAC members who have volunteered to manage the book club can get them through John. 

Historic Video Selection upcoming:

Juneteenth ‘2021

This video will be added to the Chesapeake Heartland and the EAC online archive.

Freedom Riders in Chestertown

Bishop Brown will be consulted as a contributor.

Black Business showcase (Big Mixx)

This icon of the current Black community will be featured as video.

Seeking Community Ideas

Additional ideas are welcome from the community. 

 New Business

data collection and research for Legislative pillar

This work is ongoing.

May 29th Farmer Market (Banner and Signs)

Kate then discussed the possibility of a stand at the Memorial Day Farmer’s Market. Kate will look into a sign up sheet and a location, John will cover the financial element.

Town training

Ruth then asked about the status of training for the Town Council. Queen explained that we are waiting for further information from the Town, after the last proposed trainings were not approved. Shoge will reach out to Councilman Tolliver to connect one final time, to see if alternative training is being offered as an additional option.

Public Comment: Agenda

Individuals or groups will be provided 2 minutes (NO EXCEPTIONS)

There was no public commentary.

Queen moved to adjourn. Shoe seconded and the meeting adjourned ta 8:20 PM.



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