Environment > Protect and regenerate soil, the basis for terrestrial life.


Recycle yard waste.

Regenerate and renew soil by mulching grass clippings and leaves in place.


Recycle food scraps.

Reduce landfill waste, minimize irrigation needs, and nourish plants with backyard compost.


Grow food.

Explore your relationship with soil by starting a garden.


Remove impervious surfaces.

Enable rainwater to percolate into the soil food web through conservation landscaping and permeable pavers.


Join a CSA.

Sign up for seasonal produce from Colchester Farm to support local food grown in a sustainable way.


Conserve energy.

Avoid damaging faraway soils in energy manufacturing while making your home more comfortable.

Dirt! The Movie

The Chestertown Environmental Committee partnered with Colchester Farm to screen Dirt! The Movie as the third event in its 2016 First Thursday Environmental Series.

Community members gathered to watch Dirt! The Movie in Sumner Hall.

Community members gathered to watch Dirt! The Movie in Sumner Hall.

Film Takeaways

About the Film

1. I learned what I already knew that man has been destroying the earth. I wish the local farmers were here to watch this.
2. Joyous! Scary! Compelling! Funny!
3. OMG! Everyone needs to see this movie! Now!!! Thank you for my opportunity to see it.
4. Enjoyed this sobering film, will look for the book, too.
5. Precious gems are not as precious as Dirt!
6. A great film that everyone should see.
7. Good film! Good message!
8. Terrific and important!
9. I discovered during my shamanic training that trees and plants communicate and know of our presence–I was happy to learn that science has traced this phenomenon to the mycelium network. – Bonnie Keating


1. Get this movie to all the schools!
2. Fabulous movie—we must share over and over again. Please. To schools.
3. All kids should know how to grow things.
4. How can we get more local food in our schools?


1. Conserve energy!
2. Which distant landscapes are destroyed for Chestertown to get its electricity?


1. I need to learn how to compost. Good dirt!
2. “Promote Global Worming!” Join the citizens of the world to save the earth’s skin.
3. Can local restaurants and Washington College lead the way with composting in town?
4. Compost at public events! Earth Day, Tea Party, and Downrigging. Stop throwing away soil fertility!

Community Advocacy and Ideas

1. Join a CSA!
2. Great movie! How about an environmental book club?
3. Why aren’t there more community gardens in Chestertown?!
4. Agroforestry for rails to trails, supporting local food and ecotourism!
5. How does the current farming practice help or hinder the soil? (the no till + plant cover crop + then use herbicide + GMO plants)
6. How does vertical urban farming fit in?

Join the conversation about Chestertown and the environment in the First Thursday Environmental Series.

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