Environment > Restore the health of the Chester River.


Plant buffer zones.

Add native plants along shores, streams, and ditches to slow and filter stormwater.


Restore wetlands.

Replace lawn with native plants in areas that collect water.


Eliminate fertilizers.

Avoid using fertilizers, which contribute to algae blooms.


Harvest rainwater.

Prevent stormwater runoff with rain barrels and rain gardens.


Recycle yard waste.

Regenerate and renew soil by mulching grass clippings and leaves in place.


Mow properly.

Mow grass no shorter than 2.5 inches to encourage a deeper, more drought- and pest-tolerant root system.


Eliminate pesticides.

Avoid harmful pesticides and keep pests in check with integrated pest management techniques.


Get a Bay-Wise consultation.

Contact the UMD Extension office (410.758.0166) for a free appointment to find steps to improve your home landscape.


Grow oysters.

Have waterfront property? Host oyster cages to clean the river.

Watershed Restoration Talk

The Chestertown Environmental Committee hosted a public talk by Regional Watershed Restoration Specialist Eric Buehl as the second event in its 2016 First Thursday Environmental Series.

In the 2016 First Thursday Environmental Series, Eric Buehl spoke about improving regional water quality.

Eric Buehl spoke about improving regional water quality at Sumner Hall.

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