Environment > Appreciate our limited supply of fresh water.


Understand our watershed.

Learn about how our water fits into the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


Conserve drinking water.

Follow tactics to use less water on the homefront.


Improve water quality.

Take steps to restore the health of the Chester.


Support local food.

Buy local food and grow food.


Enrich soil.

Take steps to protect and regenerate soil.


Become an advocate.

Help prevent pollution and desertification from threatening our global water supply.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars

The Chestertown Environmental Committee screened Blue Gold: World Water Wars as the ninth event in its 2016 First Thursday Environmental Series.

Film Takeaways

About the Film

Community members gathered to watch Blue Gold: World Water Wars in Sumner Hall

Community members gathered to watch Blue Gold: World Water Wars in Sumner Hall.

1. Is there an update on the status of water in the US?
2. Clean water must be made affordable but free water is a death sentence for the poor.
3. Eye-opening about groundwater waste.
4. Great film for raising awareness but it misunderstands the need to reduce waste from all areas.
5. Sound system needs clearing up. Too dull monotones. [We reported the issue, thanks!]

Food Production

1. Local food, appropriate crops: replenished groundwater and a healthy Chester River.
2. Farm use to grow corn is exorbitant. It illustrates corporate greed without soul.
3. Excellent movie. How about more culture/agriculture? Are Monsanto and others controlling all the corn, etc.?
4. Grow food not lawns.

Community Advocacy and Ideas

1. How can we avoid bottled water in town? Possible to implement refillable water bottle stations at Tea Party?
2. Public drinking fountains with refillable water bottle stations in town
3. What redundancies does Chestertown have if our groundwater is compromised?
4. Can we incentivize metal or slate roofing for potable rainwater catchment in town?
5. Build resiliency into our landscapes
6. Support local food and habitats
7. Start here: local outreach to ensure water access in our community
8. How can we keep control of our own water?
9. How can we make our community more sustainable with our water with farms and the rivers?
10. The part at the end during the credits that gives more ideas about actual action steps could be highlighted with a handout or (better yet) by email!

Join the conversation about Chestertown and the environment in the First Thursday Environmental Series.

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