Environment > Slow climate change by preventing resources from entering landfills.


Recycle plastic, glass, and metal.

Reduce trash by participating in weekly recycling.


Recycle batteries and CFL bulbs.

Drop off used batteries and compact fluorescents at Town Hall, 118 North Cross St.


Recycle yard waste.

Regenerate and renew soil by mulching grass clippings and leaves in place.


Recycle food scraps.

Reduce landfill waste, minimize irrigation needs, and nourish plants with backyard compost.

The Clean Bin Project Film Takeaways

The Chestertown Environmental Committee screened The Clean Bin Project as the final event in its 2017 First Thursday Environmental Series.

1. Inspirational and fun.

2. In the Mediterranean we saw so much plastic sheeting from plastic greenhouses.

3. Water bottles are everywhere.

4. I’ve been reusing bags and wraps for six years and most of my family and friends think I’m crazy. 90% of my clothes are used. I sooo get this!! Wondering now what to add next!

5. Good. Thought provoking. How to overcome the American packaging industry? It seems overwhelming.

6. Another great example of American waste.

7. We can all: garden more! Shop farmers’ markets, share resources.

8. Do I really want that?

9. I refuse to support cafés and restaurants that use Styrofoam.

10. Always bring re-usable vessels, cups, Tupperware, etc. Thank you!!

11. The Quayside Village model provides an example of how achievable zero waste is.

12. Certified compostable bags are made with petroleum?!

13. Need bulk goods in town.

14. Where to recycle other than #1 and #2 plastics?

15. Get stores on board.

16. If only every human could watch this film.

17. Great choice of a timely film.

18. It inspires me to challenge myself now and this upcoming year to further reduce my own waste.

19. Just a wonderful topic for today. This movie has motivated me to try harder to reuse and reduce. Thanks.

Bag It Film Takeaways

The Chestertown Environmental Committee screened Bag It its 2017 First Thursday Environmental Series.

1. Let’s go further than straws.

2. There’s too much disconnect to common sense.

3. People are not too lazy to act. Our wastes are disgusting.

4. Don’t overlook the auto industry’s waste.

5. After watching Bag It I realize I have to totally change my shopping habits and be hyper aware of the results of my purchases.

6. I especially liked the part about recycling being the last resort! —David

7. Wow! “Bag it!” Stunning, horrible, astounding, sobering. Thanks for all your efforts. —Sue

8. Trashed and Bag It in one week is more than a thinking creature can take. Changing the paradigm that we have grown into is a greater challenge than getting here in the first place.

9. Let’s make Chestertown’s Tea Party and Earth Day and Harry Potter Festival zero waste events: start by incentivizing food vendors to use only compostable food packaging and dishware, and gradually make it a requirement. If San Francisco can do it, so can Chestertown.

10. Composting is a crucial component of increasing community activism on waste reduction.

Garbage Warrior Film Takeaways

The Chestertown Environmental Committee screened Garbage Warrior in its 2017 First Thursday Environmental Series.

1. All the films you show are educational. Thank you.

2. Very inspiring. At the same time I worry about current EPA direction. Hope there is a way here to heal the earth!

3. I like the new time for the movie, thanks.

4. Definitely an entertaining film—kind of a kooky guy—that’s about a very serious thing—resilience and survival.

5. Would love to have known exactly how to build the houses.

6. Wonderful movie! Persistence is paramount! Hope more people see this and rectify state and local governments!

7. Age of survival! Must be innovative for positive change.

8. Really interesting.

9. Persistence is vital to effect change! A champion leader is necessary.

10. Building an Earthship would be a great community project! One self-sustaining building would be really cool to have and could provide a great attraction for the town.

11. Subdivisions are dinosaurs—we need new thinking of every aspect of housing.

12. The documentary showed the possibility of using trash that’s usually thrown away as building materials. Maybe Chestertown could empower people with this idea? (Start small?)

13. Compelling use of thermal mass, passive solar design, and an indictment of the regulations that lull us into wasteful complacency.

14. How can Chestertown commit to constructing energy efficient buildings?

15. We must plan for community resilience before disaster.

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