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Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story

The Chestertown Environmental Committee screened Just Eat It as the first event in its 2016 Shore Homesteading Series.

Film Takeaways

About the Film

1. I guess you have to get over any germaphobia—chicken from a dumpster?
2. If they saved/rescued $20,000 of food in six months, where did all that go? They could not have eaten it all, but they did not show themselves giving it to a pantry…
3. Eye opening. The peril of modern technology and being spoiled to believe we should have access to it all.
4. A great follow up to the water waste shown in Blue Gold.
5. The film suggested that we can continue to rely on processed foods heavy in refined sugars and preservatives. We need to prioritize local food. And produce less trash in doing so.


1. Children in the schools should see Just Eat It.
2. Have our local farmers seen this film? Responsible agriculture.
3. Do you know about unsung.org? It’s based in Baltimore—recycles food.
4. “Hungry Harvest” shown on “Maryland Farm and Harvest,” ugly fruits and veggies.

Promoting Food Access through Gleaning
1. Which states have stores similar to Quest?
2. We could have a group of dumpster divers as a food waste protest group.
3. How do we get food from waste areas to feed animals when they are far apart?
4. Homestead Farms—the CSA in Millington—gleans veggies for the Maryland Food Bank. They would appreciate help.


1. Do any local restaurants/businesses compost food waste? How can we incentivize composting?

Community Advocacy and Ideas

1. Help! What can we do?
2. Grow your own when viable!
3. What are the laws pertaining to serving size in retirement homes, hospitals, etc.?
4. Could Chestertown ever have a community garden?
5. The town needs to find some land to use for public food gardens.
6. Produce year round. Learn to cook only what is in season!!
7. How can we empower people like ourselves to start making these changes in the community?

Join the conversation about Chestertown and the environment in the First Thursday Environmental Series.

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