Historic District Commission: (Term 3 years – 7 members)

Barbara Brown               July 2026
Michael McDowell         June 2025
Rebecca Murphy            February 2024
Samantha Hollomon     January 2026
David Holman                June 2025
Monica Sella                  July 2026
Victoria Smith                July 2026

Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m.

Historic District Commission – Minutes & Agendas

In reviewing applications, the Commission shall give consideration to the historic, archeological, or architectural significance of the site or structure and its relationship to the historic, archeological, or architectural significance of the surrounding area; the relationship of the exterior architectural features of a structure to the remainder of the structure and to the surrounding area; the general compatibility of exterior design, scale, proportion, arrangement, texture and materials proposed to be used; and any other factors, including aesthetic factors, which the Commission deems to be pertinent.

(excerpt from Chestertown Code of Ordinances)

Join Us!
Anyone wishing to serve on a Commission or Committee should send a resume to Town Hall (118N Cross Street, Chestertown, Maryland 21620) with a cover letter indicating which Commission or Committee that they would like to serve.


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