Recreation Commission (Term: 4 years – 7 members)

James Bogden 5/01/22
Danielle Cudone 4/01/26
Frank Rhodes 2/01/24
Harold Somerville 7/01/22
Nathaniel Woodrow 2/01/24
Rosie Granillo 5/01/25
Dwight Zilinkas 4/01/26

The Chestertown Recreation Commission is comprised of seven members who help to provide recreational opportunities and programming for the citizens of Chestertown. 

Recreation Commission (Term: 4 years – 7 members)
Jim Bogden- Chair
Rosemary Granillo
Frank Rhodes
Harold Somerville
Nathaniel Woodrow
Dwight Zilinskas
Danielle Cudone

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Recreation Commission – Minutes & Agendas

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Recreation Commission meetings now available on the Town YouTube channel.

Chapter 30: Recreation Commission

Pursuant to § 17(d) and (rr) of the Municipal Charter for the town, there is hereby established a Recreation Commission. This Commission shall consist of seven persons serving without pay, who shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by at least two Council members. (excerpt from the Charter of the Town of Chestertown). Read more…

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Anyone wishing to serve on a Commission or Committee should send a resume to Town Hall (118N Cross Street, Chestertown, Maryland 21620) with a cover letter indicating which Commission or Committee that they would like to serve.
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