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APRIL 6, 2022

Mr. Kurt Smith, Chair, called the Historic District Commission meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.   In attendance were Barbara Brown, Rob Busler, Rebecca Murphy and Vicky Smith, Kees de Mooy (Zoning Administrator), Jennifer Mulligan (Town Clerk) and guests.

Mr. Smith stated that the Chestertown Historic District Commission takes its authority from Chapter 93 of the Code of the Town of Chestertown and operates under the Historic District Design Guidelines that were adopted by the Mayor and Council of Chestertown on October 7, 2002, and revised March 7, 2012.

Mr. Smith asked if there were any questions regarding the consent calendar.  There were none.  Mr. Busler moved to accept the agenda as presented, was seconded by Ms. Brown and carried unanimously.

Mr. Smith asked if there were any questions or comments on the minutes of March 2, 2022.  Mr. Smith moved to approve the minutes as presented, was seconded by Mr. Busler and carried unanimously.

The items on the consent agenda were as follows:

  1. BP2022-28 – Davidson, 404 Calvert Street – Fence;
  2. BP2022-39 – Zorrer, 216 Calvert Street – Shed;

Ms. Brown moved to approve the consent agenda as follows:

  1. BP2022-28 – Davidson, 404 Calvert Street – Fence;
  2. BP2022-39 – Zorrer, 216 Calvert Street – Shed.

The motion was seconded by Ms. Smith and carried unanimously.

The next item on the agenda was BP2022-32 from Schmidt & Kanto, LLC. at 511 High Street for exterior renovations.  Mr. William Kanto was present for the application.  He said that this property was currently vacant with no wiring or plumbing and he would like to bring it back up to code.  There was architectural drawing for the Commission to review.  The changes were minor in that the only modification was a door was being removed from the side of the building and a single window in the rear would become double-hung.

Mr. Kanto stated that egress windows for safety purposes would be new in the rear of the house.  A mini-split and HVAC system would be added.  Mr. Kanto stated that he would like to install an EV charger where the door that was going to be removed is located.  He said that he would need permission to change the grade from the Town for before moving forward with that change.  Mr. Kanto stated that a stone driveway may also be added along the side of the building if permitted.

Ms. Murphy moved to approve application BP2022-32 as submitted, was seconded by Ms. Brown and carried unanimously.

The next item on the agenda was BP2022-38 from Scott and Linda Foster for an addition on the right rear of 101 Church Alley (Geddes Piper House).  Mr. Joe Phillips, architect, was present along with owners, Scott and Linda Foster.  Mr. Phillips reviewed the property in detail and said that the addition would be tucked into the side of the property.  He showed photos of existing conditions on the property.  Mr. Phillips stated that the addition will be situated on what is now a concrete pad and the addition was the minimum area that could be disturbed to make a usable bathroom.  He said that he has scheduled a hearing with the Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance and was waiting for written approval from the Maryland Historical Trust.  Mr. Phillips stated that the Trust responded favorably to the addition when they visited the site, as it was the least intrusive way to add an addition.

Mr. Phillips stated that wood siding to match the existing dormers was proposed for the addition with entry to the addition through an existing window opening.  The existing window is proposed to be reused if it was permitted by building code.  Front and side proposed elevations were shown.   Shingles will match existing.  Half round copper gutters and downspouts were also proposed.

Ms. Foster stated that if a bath was going to be added they wanted to add a full bath for accessibility and the fact that this was a five (5) bedroom house with only one (1) bathroom.  He also said that the window may not be permitted due to fire codes and may go away entirely, but the window would be stored on site.

Ms. Brown moved to approve application BP2022-38 as presented, adding that the applicant should return with modification if any were made by the Maryland Historic Trust or Zoning Board of Appeals, was seconded by Ms. Murphy and carried unanimously. 

The next application on the agenda was BP2022-40 from Mr. Moore at 123/125 High Street for a roof replacement.  Ms. Murphy moved to approve BP2022-40 as submitted, was seconded by Ms. Smith and carried unanimously.

Mr. Michael Harvey of Washington College and Ms. Judy Madsen of EMG Contracting were present for the application BP2022-41 from Washington College at 300 Washington Avenue for total window replacement at Reid Hall.  Ms. Madsen stated that mullions will match the existing windows on the building.  There were approximately seventy-eight (78) windows, and more than half have been replaced previously.  She said that a renovation was done in 1929 where the original windows were replaced after a fire in the building.  She said that the building was constructed in 1896.

Ms. Madsen stated that she thought because of the age of the structure that the windows would be a different wood than pine, but all windows were constructed of pine.  She said that there was so much leakage into the building due to the existing windows that it was time for replacement.

Ms. Madsen stated that the new windows were manufactured by Trimline and replicated what existed nicely.  There were mechanical upgrades taking place on the interior of the building.

Ms. Murphy moved to approve application BP2022-41 as presented, was seconded by Ms. Brown and carried unanimously.

The last item on the agenda was application BP2022-23 from KRM for Lot 8 of Maiden Lot Farm.  Mr. John Hutchison was present via phone for the application and stated that at the last meeting he was asked to change the scale of the middle section of the building facing Cannon Street.  He said that he would be requesting a landscape review, but he was thinking of using plantings along the gabled areas with small trees in the middle section to balance the property.

Mr. Hutchison reviewed the exterior architecture proposed for the property including the materials that would be used.  Decking on the porches will be composite with parged foundation and brick cladding on the front.  A dark gray roof color would be chosen for the roof as solar was proposed as mapped out on the plans.  A gravel two (2) car parking pad was planned for the property.  An additional review will be forthcoming when landscaping and plantings are chosen by the owners.

Mr. Busler moved to approve BP2022-23 as submitted, with the owner to return with landscaping plans, was seconded by Ms. Smith and carried with four in favor.  Ms. Murphy recused citing a conflict of interest.

Ms. Brown stated that she will not be present for next month’s meeting.  The Commission decided to hold the May and June 2022 meetings via Zoom to insure a quorum.

There being no further business, Ms. Murphy moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:45 p.m., was seconded by Ms. Brown and carried unanimously. 

Submitted by:                                                                                     Approved by:

Jennifer McCann                                                                                Kurt Smith

Town Clerk                                                                                         Chair


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