Marketing Committee, 2016|

Chestertown Marketing Committee

March 22, 2016

Present: Bernadette Bowman, Barbara Jorgenson, Kay MacIntosh, Greg Waddell

  1. Discussion of A&E Logo and Potential Need for a separate Main Street logo.

After spirited discussion it was decided that the new branding logo of the A&E District, to be announced May 6, would also represent the Town. At this time, it seems unnecessary to create a new logo/image for greater Chestertown.

2. Launch of A&E branding.

Kay MacIntosh described the plans for a May 6 launch event to reveal the new logo, with remarks and music. It was decided that, in order to not compete with the retailers and galleries, we would not offer any refreshments at the event. Instead, a business-card sized magnet with the new logo would be a good giveaway for the event. Barbara Jorgenson volunteered to research magnet sources.

Other marketing ideas: As follow-ups to help market the district, the committee discussed the idea of a Tote Bag with the logo, and brainstormed other slogans, including “Beauty and Brains on the Chester River,” using only the logo and word tag, or using the logo on one side and fun facts/words about Chestertown on the other.

     3. Detour to Fun marketing language

The committee helped MacIntosh with the wording of the “Detour to Fun” weekends marketing. The Detour to Fun umbrella will cover all three special weekends being planned to compensate for the planned closure of the Chester River Bridge from mid-July through early August.

The recommended headings for the weekends were as follows:

The “Don’t Miss the Boats” Armada on the Chester

Crazy Days & Crabs

Eat, Drink and Be Merry: The Goddess Hebe Festival of Food and Spirits

Greg Waddell offered to donate his time and talent creating a Detour to Fun logo to use on stationery and advertising.



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