Mayor and Council, Town Agendas & Minutes|


DECEMBER 7, 2015


7:30 p.m.





  1. Minutes of the Mayor and Council meeting of November 16, 2015
  2. Taylor Frey – Washington College
  3. Chestertown Recreation Commission Presentation
  4. Town Manager’s Report
    1. MVA Schedule
    2. Chester Gras request for funding request
    3. Brick sidewalk project on Cross Street
    4. Gateway Park update
    5. Marina dredging update
    6. Referral of text change amendment to Planning Commission for recommendation
  5. Mayor Cerino’s Report
    1. Mayor’s Holiday Decoration Contest
    2. Open letter for Hospital
    3. Local Courtesy Bill for Hospital Oil Spill
    4. Chestertown Marina Capital Project request and letter writing campaign
    5. Horizons thank you letter
  6. Ward Reports
  7. Requests from the public to be on the agenda: None
  8. Questions or comments
  9. Payment of bills
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