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OCTOBER 3, 2022

The Mayor and Council meeting will resume in person meetings at Town Hall.  A livestream feed is available at www.townofchestertown.com.

6:00 p.m.


  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Minutes of the Utilities Commission Meeting of September 6, 2022
  3. Operating funds on hand
  4. Mr. Sipes report
  5. Ownership of water and sewer laterals in Town Code.
  6. Apex report completion
  1. Questions or comments
  2. Adjourn


  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Minutes of the Mayor and Council meeting of September 19, 2022
  3. Operating funds on hand
  4. Payment of bills
  5. Update on Homeless Coalition – Carol Niemand
  6. Kelly Benson – Bay Venture Outfitters
  7. United Way
  8. Town Manager’s report
    1. Permit requests—

(1) YMCA 5k on November 24 (Thanksgiving)

(2) Democratic Central Committee meet and greet at Wilmer                                                 Park Oct 8

  1. Chestertown Landing eviction meeting report and update
  2. Permit process complaint recommendations—-Paula Reeder
  3. Trail connector to Bailey Park
  4. Progress on road repaving
  5. Restroom privilege extended to annual slip holders/public restrooms
  6. Public restroom estimates
  1. Mayor’s Report
  2. Ward Reports
  3. Requests from the public to be on the agenda:
  4. Questions or comments
  5. Adjourn


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