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Fun with Fermentation

236 Cannon Street - Eastern Shore Food Lab (2nd Floor of Modern Stone Age Kitchen)

This fermented vegetable cooking class will cover the basics of lacto-fermentation including: - Sourcing high-quality ingredients and essential fermentation equipment for your kitchen, - The basics of lacto-fermented vegetables, - Recipe development and execution, - Prepping vegetables, scaling ingredients, initiating and controlling fermentation, - Fermenting whole vegetables (such as carrots which are perfect for school… Continue Reading Fun with Fermentation

3-day Intensive Cooking Class to Learn to Eat Like a Human

Eastern Shore Food Lab (2nd Floor) - 236 Cannon Street

You have been asking for an intensive cooking class where you can commit to learning how to eat like a human over a few days with like-minded community members focused on nutrition. We are excited to offer you this opportunity in November where you will get a chance to reconnect with your food, and understand… Continue Reading 3-day Intensive Cooking Class to Learn to Eat Like a Human

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