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NOVEMBER 15, 2023

John Hutchison (Chair) called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  In attendance were Commission members Owen Bailey, Jim Gatto, Cinda Pitcock, Jay Silcox, Heidi Usilton, and Elizabeth Watson. Also in attendance were Larry DiRe (Town Manager), and Lynda Thomas (Town Clerk). 

The meeting began with the review of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Commission reviewed the Town Boards/Commissions/Committees they should invite to attend a Comprehensive Plan review meeting to get direction from these group when making changes.

The Commission reviewed the possibility of having additional meeting(s) during the month to review the Comprehensive Plan.

The Commission reviewed the possibility of asking the Mayor and Council to hire a professional to help with the Comprehensive Plan review.

It was a consensus to coordinate additional meeting dates and invite the various Boards/Commissions/Committees. Mr. Hutchison noted he would meet with Mr. DiRe to coordinate this review effort.

Mr. Hutchison closed the review meeting of the Comprehensive Plan and called the regular meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. 


Mr. Hutchison asked if there were any corrections or revisions to the minutes of the meeting of September 20, 2023. Mr. Silcox moved to approve the minutes of September 20, 2023, as submitted, and was seconded by Ms. Pitcock.  Ms. Watson abstained; the motion carried.


Kevin Shearon, DMS and Associates, presented the Preliminary Plan Review for Starbucks. Ross Cohen, contract purchaser and developer representative was also present. 

Mr. Shearon reviewed the sidewalk connection to the patio with a delineation of the crosswalk with two (2) bold white stripes outlining the crosswalk with a green center, keeping with the Starbucks logo and colors. There will be ADA ramps to the crosswalks at both of the entrances. ADA access to the patio will be from the ADA parking spaces.

Mr. Shearon reviewed that he had received comments from State Highway Administration (SHA) and had addressed the comments and noted they received approvals for sediment control and conditional storm water management.

Mr. Shearon reviewed the lighting and landscape plans. There were no changes to the lighting plans.  There was a discussion of the canopy trees and magnolia trees.  Ms. Watson noted that one of the magnolia trees at the entrance/exit should be a canopy tree for safety reasons. 

Mr. Shearon reviewed the buffer zone between the parking lot and drive-through.  Mr. Gatto asked that plants be put in that area.  Mr. Shearon noted there was a 6-inch curb in between and not enough space to add plants. Mr. Gatto noted that the ordinance allows for 18-foot parking spaces.

Mr. Gatto asked that a slanted roof versus flat roof be considered. It was noted that the roof was discussed at the first meeting, and everyone was in agreement with the flat roof.  

Mr. Silcox made a motion to accept the proposed plan with the comments that have been made in regard to landscaping.

Mr. Hutchison reviewed the comments made:

  • Place two (2) canopy trees along Washington Ave, one north and one south
  • Delete or substitute the magnolia trees at the drive-through egress so as to not prevent blockage of view.

The motion was seconded by Ms. Watson.

Ms. Watson asked that the architect address the amount of asphalt between edge of the building to the edge of the lot. It was suggested to reduce the 20-foot parking space along the drive-through lane to 18 feet to allow an additional 2-foot-wide area to allow landscaping.

The motion was amended to include the requirement for the 18-foot depth with a 2-foot buffer to the northern parking conditional approval to that being implemented by Mr. deMooy. Six (6) ayes and Mr. Gatto abstained; motion carried.

Mr. Hutchison stated that he will speak with Mr. DiRe on how to best handle the conditional approval, in the absence of Mr. deMooy.


Kevin Shearon, DMS and Associates, presented the Revised Concept Plan Review for Radcliffe Meadows Subdivision. The plan calls for 150 units, of which 80 are multi-family lots and 70 are single-family lots. 

Mr. Shearon reviewed the 56-foot-wide right-of-way width that would be throughout a majority of the subdivision. There would be 28-feet, curb to curb with 14-foot travel lanes, 6-inch curb with an 8½ foot grass strip that can be used to plant street trees, lights, utilities, etc. and a 55-foot sidewalk and then the right-of-way line. The terminus road areas would be narrower at 40-feet.

Mr. Shearon noted the main and only access would be at the end of Talbot Boulevard with a secondary, emergency only access on the east side along the rail trail and water tower near LaMotte Chemical.

Mr. Gatto brought up the letter from the River Keeper regarding the proximity of Radcliffe Creek to the proposed subdivision. Ms. Usilton reviewed that the cover letter expressed concern for lots 1-16 and that the concept plan proposes to relocate the deed restricted forest conservation area. Mr. Shearon reviewed that the forest conservation area was relocated to this area from the Talbot Boulevard subdivision area. He explained that 53 acres of land is also to be purchased, as part of the development, to relocate some or all of that forest conservation to the head waters of Radcliffe Creek, across the creek, so that it would not be distributed. Ms. Usilton asked if the line of trees, along the river, would also be part of the relocation and noted that it was a buffer. 

Ms. Watson disclosed that she had a brief conversation with the River Keeper about this letter and did not feel it would alter her participation.

Mr. Shearon stated they would look further into the details of the forest conservation.

Mr. Hutchison reviewed the already stressed traffic situation at the entrance of the proposed subdivision.

Mr. Bailey noted the Comprehensive Plan states; The Town does not want garages to be the most prominent feature of houses, nor does it want streets that are too wide. He noted the design shows the prominence of the garage which does not allow for much visual clearance of the front door.  The representative stated that they don’t have a design for the 28-foot villa homes that is not garage prominent nor a design with a rear alley.  They will take it back to the engineer.


David Holman presented, for the applicant, the Variance review for a lot line adjustment for 117 Queen Street. The Town code calls for 8-feet between buildings, which is not the case between the properties of 115 and 117 N. Queen Street.

Mr. Holman noted that the current screened-in porch would be removed.  The plan is to build an 18’x18’ addition at the rear of the house. The side yard setback is between .91’ and 2.47’ from the 115 N Queen Street property line.

Ms. Watson made a motion to recommend approval to the Zoning Board of Appeals. The motion was seconded by Mr. Gatto and passed unanimously.

There being no further business or questions from the audience, Mr. Bailey moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:50 pm, was seconded by Ms. Usilton and carried unanimously.

Submitted by:                                                                         Approved by:

            Lynda Thomas, Town Clerk                                                   John Hutchison, Chair  



NOVEMBER 15, 2023


7:00 p.m. Comprehensive Plan


7:30 p.m. Regular Meeting

  1. Minutes of Planning Commission Meetings of September 20, 2023
  2. Final Site Plan – Starbucks, Kevin Shearon
  3. Revised Concept Plan – Radcliffe Meadows Subdivision, Kevin Shearon
  4. Variance Review – 117 Queen Street, Thomas Dietz
  5. Adjourn
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