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AUGUST 16, 2017

Chair Jeffery Grotsky called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were Commission members David Bowering, Darrell Craig, Morgan Ellis, Jane Richman and Paul Showalter, Kees de Mooy, Zoning Administrator, Jennifer Mulligan, Town Clerk and guests.


Mr. Grotsky asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of the meeting of May 17, 2017. Mr. Showalter moved to approve the minutes as presented, was seconded by Mr. Bowering and carried unanimously.


Mr. Brandon Davis of DMS & Associates was present for the application along with Mr. David LaMotte and Mr. William Cording of LaMotte Chemical.

Mr. Davis stated that they were seeking preliminary site plan approval for improvements for their headquarters at 802 Washington Avenue. He said that there would be an 8700 square foot addition to the existing building at the northern end of the facility.  There would be 30 parking spaces in an additional parking lot.

Mr. Davis stated that the existing driveway will be reconfigured with a widened angle to accommodate the addition. An existing well in the proposed parking lot extension will be removed.  There would also be 11 trees removed from the site to allow for the new construction.

Mr. Davis stated that stormwater management included micro bio-retention in between the entrance road and the new parking area, a flow-through planter against the building, and a swale to provide treatment and to drain the proposed impervious areas. Mr. Davis stated that the flow-through planter was a retaining wall off of the building foundation which will be backfilled with a filtration medium, including stone, sand and mulch with a drain pipe at the bottom.  He said that the entire site drains to the south towards the step-pool conveyance system.

Mr. Davis stated that he had renderings of proposed landscaping to submit for preliminary approval. He said that a list of species and foundation plantings would be submitted at final site plan.  He said that they were mainly concerned with approval of the replacement for the 11 removed trees which will be replaced with new street trees along the reconfigured roadways, screening between the residential properties and the proposed parking lot trees.  There would be 13 trees replanted in total, which did not include screening and buffering along the residential properties at the back end of the proposed parking lot.

Mr. Davis stated that site lighting has not been considered at this time, but would be submitted as part of final site plan approval.

Mr. Davis stated that initial phase grading plans have been approved for the project which accounts for the building area and sediment control along with demolition necessary to allow the new addition.

Mr. Ellis asked how the need for 30 parking spaces was decided. Mr. LaMotte stated that they were adding 15 parking spaces for new employees and the additional 15 were for future growth.  Mr. Craig asked if traffic impact studies were required as part of the expansion.  Mr. Davis stated that the size of the addition did not warrant a traffic study.

Mr. Craig moved to approve the preliminary site plan as submitted with the understanding that for final approval the applicant must have stormwater management approval and full landscaping and lighting plans, was seconded by Mr. Showalter and carried unanimously.


Mr. Brandon Davis of DMS & Associates was present for the application along with Mr. Bryan Matthews of KRM.

Mr. Davis stated that the lot line adjustments included changes to the residential component of the project and the proposed Dixon headquarters. There were 6 existing parcels and there will be 6 parcels after the lot line adjustments.  Maps were shown indicating where the lot lines would be drawn and Mr. Davis stated that the reason for the changes were strictly to allow for separate financing, tax, and other financial aspects of the project.

Ms. Ellis moved to approve the lot line adjustments between lots 1 & 2 and on lot 5 as presented, was seconded by Ms. Richman and carried unanimously.

Mr. Davis stated that the KRM has decided to incorporate a small community center as part of the development. The community center would be on the north side of the new road behind the 3 apartment buildings and built as part of the first phase.

Mr. Davis stated that preliminary site plan approval was granted for the entire apartment complex in September with final approval granted in November, conditional upon approval from Soil Conservation Service.

Mr. Davis stated that the community center would be 2,600 square feet with a patio in back. This would provide an area to rent for parties, a leasing office, and an area for maintenance.  The number of parking spaces given at final approval far exceeded the parking requirements and therefore the 10 parking spaces required for the community center parking will not need any additional parking spaces.

The bio retention area that was located where the community center is planned was enlarged and rotated 90°. One tree on the landscaping plan was moved 5’ in order to allow a drive lane to the center.  There were 2 underground treatment dry wells that will show as stone.  Other than those small changes, the approved landscaping plan remains the same.  The approved lighting plan did not change.

Mr. Davis showed renderings of the proposed one-story building.

Mr. Davis stated that he considered this an amended final site plan for approval from the Commission. He said that a complete set, combining the changes will be submitted with the construction drawings.

Mr. de Mooy stated that the only changes to the site for the Commission to rule on this evening were the proposed community center and areas that were shifted for stormwater management. Mr. Craig stated that he prefers to have complete plans submitted for review before the meeting.  He said that he did not like to be asked to approve changes in plans based on a PowerPoint presentation.  Mr. de Mooy stated that he was comfortable with the changes being proposed.

Mr. Craig moved to approve the amended final site plan for the Chestertown Business Park Apartments conditional upon the submittal of updated paper copies reflecting the changes discussed in the PowerPoint presentation, was seconded by Mr. Showalter and carried unanimously.


Mr. Brandon Davis of DMS & Associates was present for the application along with Ms. Ms. DeAndre Redding and Mr. Reid Raudenbush

Mr. Davis stated that the lot line adjustment that was on the agenda was approved in April 2017, noting that he thought lot lines required final approvals.

Ms. Redding stated that the overall layout was not changed very much from when the College presented in April for preliminary site plan approval. There was detail added in reference to site lighting and landscaping.

Mr. Davis stated that the approved lot line adjustment combined 5 parcels into 2. There would be several trees removed as part of the project which will be properly mitigated on site.  An existing utility pole will also be moved to another location on site.  There is an inadequate sewage pump on site which will be replaced and both buildings will be tied into a new force main to the existing sewer line on Quaker Neck Road.  Similar upgrades will be made to the water lines to properly serve the new buildings.

Mr. Davis stated that there will be gravel parking in the front of the building. The handicap parking area will be paved to provide ADA access to the front of the building, and a ramp will also be provided.

Ms. Redding stated that the one story building will be set on pilings with beams at 6’ above grade. Mr. Davis showed the areas of foundation and decking.  He said that the wraparound porch will be covered.

Mr. Davis stated that stormwater management will be incorporated into the landscaping. There was a raingarden by the waterfront and a future placeholder for a walking trail.  Mr. Raudenbush stated that the trail would be built as part of a separate project, eventually leading to the marsh with a spur by the Armory to Quaker Neck Road and Radcliffe Creek.

Mr. Davis presented a lighting plan which included 7 pole lights (Saturn Cutoff LED) at 12’ high around the parking area. Lighting is night sky compliant.  The lighting was planned to be timed from dusk to dawn and would be confined on site.  A photometric lighting plan was shown which showed a very small amount of light spilling onto the adjoining property.

Mr. Davis stated that the landscaping plan included mitigation for trees that are to be removed and these must be planted within the 100’ buffer. Mitigation will take place in 2 separate areas within the buffer based on 24,550 square feet of disturbance.  There will be 11 trees replaced.  Special consideration was given to species and aesthetics, especially around the stormwater management areas.  There will also be screening between the College and residential properties.  There is no other shoreline work taking place as part of this project.

Mr. Showalter asked if the College thought that this new building would fulfill their needs for boating. Mr. Raudenbush stated that he though this project would satisfy the needs of the sailing and crew programs for a long period of time.  He said that the area around the dock was just recently dredged to a 6’ depth and they removed 13,000 cubic yards of material.  The floating dock had also been reconfigured.

Mr. Raudenbush stated that there were 2 research vessels owned by the College that were part of the Environmental Sciences program. He said that the College was considering requesting permission for a second dock on the adjacent parcel, noting that there was a dock in place years ago, to separate the research vessels from the recreational boats.

Mr. Raudenbush stated that he expected the College to be submitting an application for an academic building on the site adjacent to the boathouse by 2020. He showed watercolor renderings of a building that they were using to fundraise which he gave to the Commission.  He said that there will be a ceremonial ground-breaking for the educational building at the same time of the groundbreaking for the new boathouse.

Mr. Raudenbush stated that he had no information regarding the Armory building.

Mr. Davis showed renderings of the proposed boathouse architecture. Ms. Redding stated that the wraparound porch would be a nice feature for students and faculty wanting to see the water.  The interior would house a workout room, rowing room, lockers, classrooms, and staff offices.

Mr. de Mooy stated that since preliminary site plan approval the only other requirements were the landscaping and lighting plans which were now complete. Mr. Davis stated that he received a letter from Stormwater Management with only a few minor comments.

Ms. Ellis moved for final site plan approval contingent upon approval of stormwater management from Soil Conservation Services, was seconded by Mr. Bowering and carried unanimously.

Mr. Craig stated that he would like full plans without surprise changes that they can review ahead of a meeting in the future.

There being no further business, Mr. Craig moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m., was seconded by Ms. Ellis and carried unanimously.

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Jennifer Mulligan                                            Jeffrey Grotsky

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