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MAY 15, 2019

 Chairman Jeffery Grotsky called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  In attendance were Commission members Darrell Craig, Jane Richman and Paul Showalter, Jennifer Mulligan (Town Clerk) and guests.


Mr. Grotsky asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of the meeting of April 17, 2019.  Mr. Showalter moved to approve the minutes as presented, was seconded by Ms. Richman and carried unanimously.


Mr. Bill Crowding, William M. Crowding Surveys, LLC., was present for the applicant.  He said that this parcel was a separate parcel first belonging to the former owners of 100 South Water Street and then sold to the McGuinness Family at 115 High Street in 1951.  Mr. McGuinness used the lot for gardening.  Ms. Kaiser bought the property at115 High Street along with the lot in 2008 and no longer has use for the lot. Ms. Holloman, present owner of 100 South Water Street is purchasing the lot and would like to make it part and parcel of 100 South Water Street.

Mr. Showalter moved to approve the application as submitted transferring the property from Kaiser to Holloman and forming one lot at 100 South Water Street, was seconded by Mr. Craig and carried unanimously. 


Mr. Kevin Shearon of DMS & Associates and Mr. Bryan Matthews of KRM were present for the application.  Mr. Shearon stated that this was an infill residential project on the corner of Cannon Street and South Kent Street which ultimately becomes Radcliffe Drive.  The property consists of 1.62 acres, zoned R-5 (Downtown Residential) and is the former E.S Adkins lumber yard.

Mr. Shearon stated that 8 single-family lots are proposed for the property.  There will be a new driveway in the back of the lots with houses facing the road and garages and driveways in the back.  One house will front South Kent street and two houses will have frontage off the internal driveway.  Mr. Shearon stated that the minimum lot size in R-5 is 3000 sq.ft. and these lots range in size from 5193 sq.ft. to 15000 sq.ft. (the average lot being closer to 5000 sq.ft.).  He said that the 15000 sq.ft. lot shows a low spot on Kent Street to Cannon Street with an easement for stormwater management on the internal drive.  Each individual lot will be responsible for its own stormwater management.

Mr. Shearon stated that each lot will have its own architecture which must be approved by the Historic District Commission.

Mr. Shearon stated that there would be off-street parking as well as parking off the internal drive.  Curb and sidewalk will be installed on the internal driveway.  Mr. Grotsky stated that if it was a big weekend in Town people parked on Radcliffe Drive and sometimes they parked there to get on the Rail Trail.  Mr. Shearon stated that the width of this part of Kent Street was the same as the width Kent Street from High Street to Cannon Street and had parking on both sides.  Ms. Richman stated that that portion of South Kent Street was a one-way street and this portion of South Kent Street had to remain a two-way street.  Mr. Grotsky stated that nobody maintained the alley behind the 500 block of Cannon Street and asked who was going to maintain this proposed alley.  Mr. Shearon stated that this was proposed as a Town alley and the Town has agreed to maintain it.

Mr. Shearon stated that sewer and water lines would tie in separately to the mains with individual taps.  Once the last tap for the houses are finished, KRM will then mill and overlay Cannon Street to remove the utility patches.  A shared sewer line and water line will tie the a main on Kent Street.  Lot 8 will tie into Kent Street for sewer.

Ms. Richman asked if the lots facing Cannon Street would be similar in size to the lots directly across the street.  Mr. Shearon stated that he thought the proposed lots may be a little wider, but they would be close in size.

Mr. Grotsky asked about a timeline.  Mr. Matthews stated that project was moving faster than planned because there was one customer who was ready to build and has already sold their house in order to build.  He said that they were still designing the architecture on the first house to go before the Historic District Commission.  He said that KRM was not advertising the development, but word of mouth is sparking interest.

Mr. Matthews stated that each house will have a 2-car garage.  The first house will be approximately 2200 sq.ft.  The alley must be created first in order to build the first house (lot 4).  Mr. Matthews stated that KRM will only sell a lot with the condition that KRM Construction is the builder and that the lot is built upon.  KRM will not allow people to buy lots and hold on to them.

Mr. Grotsky suggested that the architect consider the rooflines of the houses along the 400 block of High Street as they were unique to the area and should be incorporated where possible into the new houses.

Mr. Shearon stated that when possible they took advantage of calling a lot a “corner lot” as it eliminated a 30’ rear yard setback allowing for a more flexible building envelope.  He said that an accessory structure can be built, such as a garage, if it is connected.  In some instances, variances may be required.  He said that most of the lots are at least 115’ deep and 46’ wide.

Mr. Showalter stated that it appears that Lot 4 is being developed first and asked if lots 1 through 3 will be similar in design.  Mr. Matthews stated that KRM Development will sell the lots and KRM Construction will build the houses with each house custom designed for the buyer and approved by the Historic District Commission.

Mr. Shearon stated that stormwater management and sediment control plans must be reviewed and approved before final site plan approval can be received from the Planning Commission.  They will also return for final subdivision approval. Each house plan will go before the Historic District Commission for approval as they are designed.

Mr. Grotsky asked if KRM will provide the Planning Commission with landscaping plans.  Mr. Matthews stated that landscaping will be performed separately by each buyer for each lot.  There will be no new streetlights as they already exist along Cannon Street.  Ms. Richman stated that there should be some landscaping along the Radcliffe Drive side of the development.

Mr. Craig asked if there would be a homeowner’s association or any deed restrictions for buyers.  Mr. Matthews stated the houses will all be fee-simple, and the alley will be public.  There will be no homeowner’s association.

Mr. Craig moved for preliminary subdivision and site plan approval as presented by KRM for 8 single family lots, was seconded by Mr. Showalter and carried unanimously. 

There being no further business, Mr. Craig moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 p.m., was seconded by Ms. Richman and carried unanimously.

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Jennifer Mulligan                                           Jeffrey Grotsky

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