Public Arts Committee, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Town of Chestertown
Tuesday, Aug 9, 2022
4:00PM via Zoom
Meeting Minutes



  • Elizabeth Healy
  • Dave Hegland (Secretary)
  • Carla Massoni
  • Hester Sachse (ex-officio: Kent Cultural Alliance and Chestertown A&E District)
  • Marianne Sade
  • Ben Tilghman (Chair)
  • Pam White (Vice Chair)


  1. Approval of 6-14-22 Minutes – minutes were approved with changes submitted by Elizabeth regarding the PAC website and her action item to work with a contractor for Broad Reach landscape maintenance.   Note:  Due to Summer Scheduling/Vacation conflicts there was no PAC meeting in July.
  2. Update on Broad Reach maintenance:  Elizabeth reported she had contacted Tom Herr of Anthony’s Flower’s and Landscaping, who does landscaping work for the town, regarding maintenance needed for the Broad Reach Sculpture in Wilmer Park.  Tom has already completed a large amount of sod work around the sculpture greatly improving the appearance with more work anticipated in the fall.
  3. Administrative:
    1. Pam has identified a potential candidate and will be circulating his resume for review.
    2. Ben encouraged the committee to be on the lookout for new members as there are possibly two positions on the PAC that are open.
    3. Pam reminded everyone to send to her monthly the number of hours they have worked on PAC business.
  4. Update on the Woicke Sculptures:
    1. Ben has received quotes from two Art Handlers for moving and installation of 6 of the 7 Phase 1 Sculptures  (Vessel, Face Fragment III, Owl – Steel, The Great Yes, The Big Courtship, and Figure).  The Group agreed to pursue further discussions with Level Art Services and Installations, Stevensville, MD.
    2. Reading Dog (the 7th Phase 1 Sculpture) will be installed separately by the Artist.
    3. Miles Barnard (South Fork Studio Landscape Architecture Inc.) will be submitting a bid for doing the planning and design of the mounting structure for each of the 6 Sculptures and will be working with the selected Art Handler.  He will also subcontract with local contractors for any necessary concrete work.
    4. Ben is working with Bill Ingersoll on a Request For Proposal (RFP) for moving and installation of the remaining 17 Sculptures and a separate RFP for long term conservatorship of the Sculptures once they are installed.
    5. There was discussion about an October 22 reception with the Woicke’s after the Phase 1 Sculptures are installed.  Ideally, this would include a public unveiling of the Reading Dog sculpture at the library with the artist Jay Lagemann followed by a downtown reception.  Carla volunteered to coordinate the reception.  Separately, Marianne and Elizabeth will contact the library regarding whether the unveiling of the Reading Dog sculpture could occur on October 22.
    6. Dave raised the issue that one of the Sculptures (Figure) will be on private property and an agreement between the town and the owner needs to be signed.  Ben took an action item to approach the property owner on signing an agreement.
  5.  Fundraising
    1. The YMCA has told Ben they have $4000 to contribute toward the installation of the “Puzzled” Sculpture at their new facility.
    2. Ben, Hester, and John Schratwieser (Kent Cultural Alliance) are working on a NEA Our Town Grant proposal to support the Sculptures.  The grant is matching with a planned request for $100,000.
  6.  Elizabeth proposed the PAC participate in the RiverArts Imagine event Sept 11 using the posters that were created for the last Art Walk.  It was agreed this would be a good idea but the posters needed to be update to reflect our current plans.  Carla proposed making life sized cutouts of some of the Sculptures.  Pam, Elizabeth, and Dave agreed to work together to put this together.
  7.  PAC Website
    1. Ben showed the Woicke’s the draft PAC website and received very positive feedback.
    2. Dave reported modifications to the website have been made based on our change of installation plans and we are close to going live.
    3. There was discussion around the donate section of the website and agreement that the mechanism for donations should be a check to the town with a note that it was for Public Art (until an agreement for electronic donations is worked out with the town).  Also, some words are needed to educate the public that donations are needed as some private donations received have a match requirement and this helps us attain the match to get the full donation.  This also documents community support that is needed for future grant applications.  Ben took an action item to provide wording for the website.
  8.  Action Items:
    1. Pam – circulate resume of potential PAC candidate
    2. All – be on the lookout for new members as there are potentially 2 openings
    3. All – send in volunteer hours spent on PAC business to PAM
    4. Marianne and Elizabeth – contact library regarding Reading Dog Unveiling on Oct 22
    5. Ben – Contact private property owner for Figure location about signing agreement with the town for display of the Sculpture
    6. Pam, Elizabeth, and Dave – work on display and cutouts for RiverArts Imagine Event Sept 11
    7. Ben – provide wording for website on rationale for public donations
  9. Meeting Adjourned – Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Sep 13, 4:00PM.


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