Public Arts Committee, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Town of Chestertown
Tuesday, January 11, 2022
4:00PM via Zoom
Meeting Minutes



  • Elizabeth Healy
  • Dave Hegland (Secretary)
  • Carla Massoni
  • Hester Sachse (ex-officio: Kent Cultural Alliance and Chestertown A&E District)
  • Ben Tilghman (Chair)
  • Pam White (Vice Chair)
  • John Carr (Guest Participant – Founder of Materials Conservation Co. LLC of Philadelphia, PA)
  1. Approval of 11-09-21 Minutes – minutes were approved without changes.  Note:  The December 14 meeting was canceled due to vacations and holiday activities.
  2. Ben officially welcomed Elizabeth Healy as a member of the PAC now that the town council has approved her appointment.
  3. Woicke Sculpture Project Update
    1. Ben introduced John Carr who is an expert in conservation of outdoor and public Sculpture.  Ben, Hester, and John traveled to St. Michaels to inspect the Woicke Sculptures.
      1. John confirmed the significance of the collection and its value to Chestertown.
      2. John assessed the 8 sculptures planned for installation during 2022 for their durability in the outdoor environment and risks associated with their public display.
        1. Suitable for installation as is at the locations specified – Reading Dog, Five Wolves, and Head
        2. In consultation with the artist, some minor adjustments to better prepare the pieces for public installation – The Ball and Red Arches, and Taking the Hill
        3. Due to fragility of these sculptures, some additional location planning to minimize risk is required – Butterfly, Texas Spiral, and The Dance.
    2. There was discussion about how the list above might impact the draft installation schedule.  The first three sculptures planned for installation in April are:  Texas Spiral, Butterfly, and Five Wolves.  Ben will explore mounting alternatives for Butterfly that would provide more protection at the proposed location (Garnet Elementary School).  Texas Spiral installation may be delayed until May due to needed repairs and review of other locations at the The Center for Environment & Society (CES) at Washington College Building that might be more protective.
    3. There was additional discussion about the need for a more detailed assessment of the 8 sculptures regarding the mounting structure that will be used for the installation of each piece.  John agreed to develop a matrix specifying in more detail what specific technical planning each piece will require.
    4. The group agreed to have optional working meetings to discuss planning requirements for the sculptures and prepare for formal discussions at the monthly meeting.
    5. Ben will setup an overall collaborative document for installation planning to collect input from PAC members.
  4. There are openings on the PAC for new members.  Ben encouraged the group to be on the lookout for candidates for membership.
  5. Hester informed the committee that the Arts and Entertainment District Committee is planning an initiative to select local art for temporary installation on the metal mounts attached to the pedestrian bridge between the lower High Street waterfront and Cannon Street.  Hester will keep the PAC informed and be on the lookout for collaboration opportunities.
  6. Meeting Adjourned – Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday February 8, 4:00PM.


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