Public Arts Committee, 2021, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Town of Chestertown
Tuesday, Mar 9, 2021
4:00PM via Zoom
Meeting Minutes



  • Ingrid Hansen
  • Dave Hegland (Secretary)
  • Kay MacIntosh (ex-officio: Manager of the Chestertown Arts & Entertainment District)
  • Sam Shoge
  • John Schratwieser (ex-officio: Kent Cultural Alliance)
  • Ben Tilghman (Chair)
  • Gordon Wallace
  • Pam White (Vice Chair)
  • Kees de Mooy (Guest Participant – Chestertown Zoning Administrator)


  1. Approval of 2-9-21 Minutes – minutes were approved without changes.
  2. The PAC has received a grant to support its activities.
    1. There are three options as to how this and future moneys could be managed:
      1. As a separate line item(s) in the Town budget.
      2. Through a new 501(c)(3) organization.
      3. Through an existing nonprofit that would serve as the financial agent for the PAC.
    2. Ben and Pam will develop a document on these options and present it to the Town Council for their review and direction.
  3. Public Art Accession and Deaccession Document
    1. Kay has developed a draft document for policies, processes and procedures for Public Art Accession and Deaccession for the town.
    2. The draft document was reviewed by the committee.
    3. The revised draft will be forwarded to the Town Council for consideration and approval.
  4. Sculpture Project
    1. Gordon provided an update that the Sumner Hall board will be making a final decision at their next meeting on which sculpture they would like installed.
    2. Ben had a discussion with the property owner of the pocket park located at 105 South Cross Street.  The owner was very receptive to placing a sculpture in the park.  “Head” by Patricia Volk is under consideration.  A private property owner agreement is under development by the PAC.
  5. Update on the Chestertown Slavery Memorial
    1. Ben continues putting together an Ad Hoc committee to facilitate progress on the project.
    2. Once he has finalized membership, he will ask the Town Council to recognize the committee.
  6. Ortiz Mobile Mural Project
    1. As an item of interest to the PAC, Bob Ortiz has received grants for a 10’ x 10’ outdoor mural by Fredy Granillo.
    2. The mural will be on panels and has the capability to be moved to new locations in public spaces.
    3. The work will begin in April at Bob’s Studio at 207 South Cross Street.
  7. Action Items
    1. Kay and Dave – continue development of the Private Property Owner Agreement for review by the PAC.
    2. Group – look at proposed locations for the 8 first year sculptures and provide feedback to the committee.  Of specific interest are those sculptures that have only generally been located (5 Wolves, Taking the Hill, & Ball and Red Arches).
    3. Ben and Kay – prepare documents for submission to the town council (recommendation for how to handle PAC finances, and Public Art Accession and Deaccession Document)
  8. Meeting Adjourned – Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Apr 13, 4:00PM.
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