Public Arts Committee, 2021, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Town of Chestertown
Tuesday, May 11, 2021
4:00PM via Zoom
Meeting Minutes



  • Fredy Granillo
  • Dave Hegland (Secretary)
  • Kay MacIntosh (ex-officio: Manager of the Chestertown Arts & Entertainment District)
  • Carla Massoni
  • Sam Shoge
  • Ben Tilghman (Chair)


  1. Approval of 4-13-21 Minutes – minutes were approved without changes.
  2. The Public Art Accession and Deaccession Document was approved by the Town Council without changes.
  3. Town Council also established the formation of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Chestertown Enslavement Memorial which will operate as a subcommittee of the PAC.
  4. Ben and Kay are reviewing comments received back from the Town Counsel regarding the draft Gift Contract to formalize the donation with the Sculpture Project donors.
  5. Sculpture Project Locations Update
    1. The committee agreed to move forward with a recommendation to place the “5 Wolves” in Wilmer Park on the other side of the entrance roadway to Wilmer Park across from the Broad Reach Sculpture.
    2. The committee agreed to move forward with a recommendation to place “Taking the Hill” on the south side of the Rail Trail just past where Cross Street turns toward Wilmer Park.
    3. The committee agreed to move forward with a recommendation to place “The Ball and Red Arches” at the entrance to Gateway Park between the entrance roadway and the walkway that extends from the basketball court to the main roadway.
    4. The committee agreed to do some more work on alternate locations for the “Head”.
  6. Ben proposed we begin talking to individual council members to familiarize them with the progress to date in anticipation of a formal request for council approval to accept the Sculpture Project gift.
  7. Action Items
    1. Ben – will begin coordinating setting up meetings with town council members and staff to discuss status of the Sculpture Project.
    2. Group – think of alternative locations for the “Head”.
    3. Group – think of new members for the PAC to fill vacancies.
    4. Dave – Images for proposed locations for sculptures at the Library and Garnet Elementary.
  8. Meeting Adjourned – Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Jun 8, 4:00PM.
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