Public Arts Committee, 2020, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Town of Chestertown


October 13, 2020

4:00PM via Zoom

Meeting Minutes



  • Fredy Granillo
  • Ingrid Hansen
  • David Hegland (Secretary)
  • Carla Massoni
  • Sam Shoge
  • Ben Tilghman (Chair)
  • Gordon Wallace
  • Pam White (Vice Chair)
  • John Schratwieser (ex-officio: Kent Cultural Alliance)


  1. Donated Sculpture Project (Ben)
    1. Overview
      1. Full collection of 24 works in total, ranging from figurative and representational works to abstractions.​
      2. All are by contemporary artists, most of whom are living. ​
      3. All works are in good shape, but most will need some minor repairs or retouching.​
    2. Funding Opportunity for Moving and Installation Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) – Public Art Fund grant due Nov 12
    3. Candidate sculptures recommended by the Donated Sculpture Subcommittee (Ben Tilghman, Sam Shoge, Ingrid Hansen) for initial consideration:  Jay Lagemann’s “Reading Dog,” Constance Swaniker’s “Butterfly,” Lee Kelly’s large abstract
    4. Group Discussion on best candidates for MSAC grant due Nov 12 for moving and  installation funds.  Group agreed to submit Reading Dog at Public Library location and Butterfly at Garnet Elementary School.
    5. Next Steps
      1. Ben will work with the subcommittee on gathering information and start writing the grant.
      2. Ben and Kay will work on a Press Release to announce the pending donation to the public.


  1. Port of Chestertown Slavery Memorial (Subcommittee – Pam, Gordon, Carla)
    1. Gordon and Carla began discussions with Patrick Nugent (Washington College CV Starr Center and participant in Chesapeake Heartland Project).
    2. The subcommittee would like to partner with the Chesapeake Heartland project to begin a dialog with the community about the project.


  1. Wrap Up and Action Items
    1. Ben will work on the MSAC grant due Nov 12.
    2. Ben/Kay will check with the Mayor/Town Council on PAC reporting requirements and agree on the role of the PAC for the Port of Chestertown Slavery Memorial.
    3. Next meeting Nov 10, 4:00PM
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