Public Arts Committee, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Town of Chestertown
Tuesday, Sep 13, 2022
4:00PM via Zoom
Meeting Minutes



  • Kate Dowd
  • Elizabeth Healy
  • Dave Hegland (Secretary)
  • Carla Massoni
  • Hester Sachse (ex-officio: Kent Cultural Alliance and Chestertown A&E District)
  • Marianne Sade
  • Ben Tilghman (Chair)


  • John Harrison (Guest Participant)


  1. PAC minutes of 8-09-22 were reviewed and approved.
  2. Update on the Woicke Sculptures:
    1. The town has contracted with Level Art Services and Installations to install 6 of the 7 Phase 1 Sculptures  (Vessel, Face Fragment III, Owl – Steel, The Great Yes, The Big Courtship, and Figure).  Level Arts is coordinating the installations with Miles Barnard (South Fork Studio Landscape Architecture Inc.).
    2. Carla has arranged to have an event at Sumner Hall to recognize the Woicke’s on October 22.  Reading Dog is scheduled to have been installed by the artist (Jay Lagemann) at Kent County Public Library (KCPL) and an unveiling is planned to be part of the event.  Elizabeth will coordinate with the library on the activities and times for this portion of the event at KCPL.  Dave will have printed a life-size cutout of the Dance Sculpture for the October 22 event (since Sumner Hall will host this sculpture during a future installation).
    3. Two life-size cutouts of Figure and Reading Dog along with posters of the Phase 1 Sculpture installation have been made.  These will be on display at Casa Carmen during the Art Walk on Sep 17 to start publicizing the Phase 1 installations.
  3. PAC Website
    1. Marianne reported on the template she and Elizabeth have been working on that standardized the language and format that would be used to describe each of the 7 Phase 1 and 2 Legacy Sculptures (Broad Reach and Hebe Fountain).  Marianne requested that the PAC agree to use the template so the changes could be made to the website and used going forward.
    2. It was agreed that some of the information such as exact Length Width and Height,  Handicap Accessible, and Parking will need to be gathered and verified after installation and the website updated.
    3. It was agreed to move ahead with the recommended changes.  Marianne will take the lead.
  4. Mural near Ajax Park:  Hester reported on an initiative between the Arts and Entertainment (A&E) District Committee and the Chestertown Recreation Committee (Jim Bogden) regarding creating a Mural on the side of the Town Salt Storage Building to enhance Ajax Park.  The A&E Committee will work with the Recreation Committee to obtain funding through the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) for the mural project.  It was agreed the PAC will be involved with selection of the artist and concept for the art to facilitate acceptance as Public Art by the town (based on a PAC recommendation).
  5. Discussion with John Harrison:  John has a deep background in Museum Art and Heritage Consulting and is interested in learning more about the PAC.
  6. Administrative:  Sam Moore will no longer be participating in the PAC.
  7. Action Items:
    1. Ben – Work with Miles Barnard and Level Arts to coordinate installation activites.
    2. Ben – Contact the private land owner about an agreement for installation of a sculpture (Figure) on his property.
    3. Ben – Coordinate with Jay Lagemann on his plans to install Reading Dog at KCPL prior to October 22.
    4. Marianne – Work on updating the website based on today’s discussion (including determining with the Artist the proper names for the 2 Owl Sculptures).
    5. Dave – Arrange for printing of a life size cutout of The Dance for the Oct 22 event at Sumner Hall.
    6. Dave and Elizabeth – Man the PAC display at Casa Carmen during the upcoming Art Walk on Sept 17.
    7. Hester – Proceed as discussed with work on the Ajax Park Mural project.
    8. Elizabeth – Coordinate with KCPL on Oct 22 event activities for the unveiling of Reading Dog.
    9. Hester – See if MSAC has a checklist for handicap Public Art accessibility.
  8. Meeting Adjourned – Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Oct 11, 4:00PM.


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