Public Arts Committee, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Public Arts Committee
Tuesday, April 9, 2024, 4:00 PM, in Town Hall


Ben Tilghman (Chair)
Dave Hegland (Vice Chair)
Marianne Sade (Secretary)

Kate Dowd 
Yuh Okano
Robert Ortiz
Hester Sachse, (ex-officio member, Kent Cultural Alliance, Chestertown A&E District)

Guests: Karen Mack, community member


  1. March 12, 2024 minutes are approved
  2. Old Business
    1. Walking Tour Brochure Update – Dave handed out the latest update; “Reading Dog,” “Sentinel,” “The Big Courtship,” “Puzzled,” “Around Man,” “Strength of Community” all need local photo updates. Dave needs new content by the beginning of next week. Ben suggests dropping off new brochures at realtors since they get a lot of traffic. ACTION ITEM: Yuh will update images send to Dave
    2. Garbage cans at Garnett Elementary School in front of “Freedom” sculpture: Elizabeth reported they will be moved to the right of door near Kent. It will be done by May 2 but possibly by April 20.
    3. Paddy Tobey reported that a local inn will be taking her husband, Rich’s sculpture “The Sculpted Swan”
  3. Woicke Collection Installation Updates
    1. Sumner Hall Event during A&E Spring Art Walk, April 20: Ben will share a talk on African art traditions and how “The Dance” fits in.  Elizabeth is working with Vanessa Ringgold and a dance group for the event. Hester is trying to get photographers for A&E events and could use them with this. ACTION ITEM: Hester will follow up on dance performers and photographers
    2. Signage – Elizabeth followed up with Kristina about trying to get them by April 20
    3. Pending Installations
      1. “Head” – Town Manager requested we hold off installation until after the next town meeting when Councilperson Tim O’Brien said he will introduce a motion at this council meeting that council re-open discussion to reconsider the decision to move “Head.” Group discussion ensues about how the committee communicates its process and how public responds. Suggestions include: giving people more opportunities to improve communication; to share and ways to share with public ahead of time before going to the council with placement suggestions. 
      2. “Strength of Community” – bases are poured installed by this Friday
      3. “Around Man” – bases are poured – installed by Friday ACTION ITEM: Ben will give temp signs for “Strength of Community” and “Around Man” to Hester
      4. “Five Wolves” – the park area is very wet; some discussion about concerns about footings
    4. Locations for remaining works discussions
      1. “Owl” (along Riverwalk) – advance this recommendation along the path before Washington College’s CES building
      2. “Fully Empowered” – suggested placement in the garden in front of Hynson-Ringgold a.k.a. the Washington College President’s House. The president recognizes its significance and supports disability access there and wants to bring it to Board of Visitors & Governors in May. Waiting to hear back then group agrees to advance to the town council.
      3. “Texas Spiral” – group discussed options: including swapping out others for it
      4. “The Ladies”- proposed placement in Bailey Park, in the Northeast Corner –  group liked this idea and wants to advance proposal to the town council and will wait to advance all the placements at the same time as a final proposal
      5. Discussion continues on how to share with public ahead of time before going to the council with placement suggestions. Notice different constituencies e.g. local working folk and giving them business; “Ancient Connection” – it is deteriorating maybe move into the sun; president’s garden
  4. New Business
    1. Washington College Summer Internship will be available for about 30 hrs. 
    2. Clarification about how the flow work meshes with conservator report to include specific recommendations on how to address issues.
  5. Comments and Questions from Community Members
    1. Karen Mack gave her opinion that placement of “Head” in Fountain Park became an issue due to poor communication outside the public arts committee meeting and the community. And that this is useful to continue a dialogue about it.
  6. Review of Action Items
    1. ACTION ITEM: Yuh will update images send to Dave
    2. ACTION ITEM: Dave will print up 300 brochures
    3. ACTION ITEM: Hester will follow up on dance performers and photographers
    4. ACTION ITEM: Ben will give temporary signs for “Strength of Community” and “Around Man” to Hester
    5. ACTION ITEM: Bob will let us know about installs this Friday
    6. ACTION ITEM: All committee encouraged to visit the three sites

Meeting was adjourned at 5:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marianne Sade


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