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Town of Chestertown
Public Arts Committee (PAC) Minutes
October 10, 2023, 4 p.m., Town Hall


Ben Tilghman (Chair)

Dave Hegland (Vice Chair)

Marianne Sade (Secretary)

Kate Dowd

Elizabeth Healy

Carla Masoni

Yuh Okano

Bob Ortiz

  1. Minutes from the September 12, 2023 meeting were approved as corrected.
  2. Funds Report: Ben reported that there is around $30,000 on hand after fees are to be paid out for recent installations. Donations are expected. The PAC website needs to be updated to reflect recent donations. Group discussed other ways to show incoming donations on the webpage. (ACTION ITEM: Marianne to add “Anonymous” under “1000+” category on donor’s section of PAC website)
  3. Woicke Collection Installation
  4. Adam Walls – GO TEAM!
    1. Ben and others shared positive feedback from Adam Wall, visiting artist of “The Ball and Red Arches” and “Taking the Hill” and the Woicke’s who enjoyed the October 6 and 7 events. Ben thanked everyone, especially Elizabeth, Bob, and Dave, who worked hard on the successful event. An upcoming interview will be featured in “The Chestertown Spy.” (ACTION ITEM: Dave Hegland is working on a video of Adam Wall and his sculptures and upon completion will upload it to the PAC website)
  5. Rob Glebe progress update – Ben and Bob
    1. Rob will be working on the next sculpture repairs namely: for “Strength of Community,” making a metal base, securing the top to it, inside improvements, footing, “Puzzled” needs footing, base raised and making the pedestal for “Head.” (ACTION ITEM: Ben will talk with Rob about his timeline)
    2. Other work to be done this fall:
      1. Move the granite base for “Around Man,” from the Woicke’s; Rob will attach it
      2. “Sentinel” sculpture (in front of the Chris Cerino Center, at the Marina) will be   rotated so it will face the river
      3. Add more mulch at base around “The Ball and Red Arches;” add gravel like nearby railroad type to cover the base of “Taking the Hill”
      4. Flag the location for “Head”
      5. (ACTION ITEM: Ben will talk to Miles about turf around Broad Reach)
      6. (ACTION ITEM: Elizabeth will talk with someone about moving trashcans away from sight line of “Butterfly” sculpture)
  6. Recent Proposals to Town Council – Ben
    1. Ben presented PAC suggestions to the Town Council on October 2 and requested approval for placements of “Puzzled,” “The Throne,” and “Super Duty Yellow.” Discussion ensued about concerns for putting “Puzzled” on the sidewalk in front of Dockside Emporium on High Street, and considered other installation related questions. Council will decide at their next meeting. (ACTION ITEM: Ben to get on agenda for next Town Council Meeting)
    2.  Ben, Carla, and Dave were approved for a second term on the PAC
  7. New Business
    1. The committee discussed developing an FAQ webpage (or even a website blog), that could also be handed out, with talking points in response to public comments to sculptures. Also our social media presence (e.g. Facebook) (ACTION ITEM: Ben will set up an FAQ document to generate PAC ideas)
    2. Temporary signs need to be placed on newest sculptures. (ACTION ITEM: Marianne with send text format to Elizabeth who will move this forward)
    3. Ben announced there would be a summer intern who would work on developing didactic materials and help with walking tour development for the PAC. Group discussed updated version tweaks of the walking map e.g. make it a four-fold, make larger map to include the Carpenter Park sculpture, date each edition of brochure, use pullout arrows, additional QRC’s. (ACTION ITEM: Dave will work on new map of installations prototypes)
    4. Ben and Bob will attend a dinner event to promote the PAC sculptures at the Brampton Inn on October 12
    5. Yuh will take pictures of new sculptures and upload selected, edited images
    6. Kate and Marianne are reorganizing all the files on the PAC Google share drive

Next meeting is scheduled for November 14, 2023, 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Laino Sade, Secretary

October 13, 2023

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