Public Arts Committee, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Town of Chestertown
Public Arts Committee (PAC) Minutes
September 12, 2023, 4 p.m., Town Hall


Ben Tilghman (Chair)

Dave Hegland (Vice Chair)

Marianne Sade (Secretary)

Kate Dowd

Elizabeth Healy

Carla Masoni

Yuh Okano

Bob Ortiz

Hester Sachse (ex-officio member, Chestertown A&E District)

John Schratwieser (ex-officio member, Kent Cultural Alliance)

Guest: Barbara Vann, Chestertown RiverArts Member


  1. Minutes from the August 8, 2023 meeting were approved.
  2. Funds Report: Ben reported that funds are the same as last month.
  3. Woicke Collection Installation
    1. Bob reported that Fredy Granillo is painting “The Ball and Red Arches” and just the tanks on “Taking the Hill;” that Rob Glebe will work on “Head” after October installs, on the ball repair before Adam Walls visits, and with artist Don Rambadt will repair the “Strength of Community.” Bob is going to meet tomorrow with Ben Herr about logistics on getting “The Ball and Red Arches” and “Taking the Hill” here. Group discussed about exact placements with flag markers and other install plans.
    2. Elizabeth shared that there will be a “Meet & Greet” with artist Adam Walls, for “First Friday” on October 6, at 210 Cross Street during “Bonfires and BiValves.” There can be a reception at Kent Cultural Alliance on the 7th with a possible slide lecture (ACTION ITEM: Ben will follow-up on this), with light refreshments. Suggestions were made for Ben to do a video interview, PR announcement, a newsletter blast, and invite WAC and high school students and community to attend. There will be a small lunch with the artist and the Woickes following. (ACTION: Elizabeth will make reservations for lunch for six on Saturday)
    3. Dave presented his suggestion for “Puzzled” placement on the sidewalk in front of Dockside Emporium on High Street, after discussing why this made the most sense. Local businesses and Chestertown RiverArts are in support of this location. Discussion ensued about possibly adding a base to elevate it, providing signage for this and Fountain park sculpture; group was in favor of moving this forward to the Town Council (ACTION ITEMS: Dave will put on a base on the graphic rendering, send to Ben who will get on next Town Council agenda to ask approval about “Puzzled,” “The Throne,” and “Super Duty Yellow” sculptures placements).
    4. Ben proposed that the “Sentinel” sculpture (located at the Chris Cerino Center, at the Marina) be rotated 90 degrees so it would be more visible to those walking up and down the nearby ramp. Group agreed. (ACTION ITEM: Rob Glebe and friends can take care of doing that.)
    5. “Strength of Community” location has been changed to the left side of the Conley Park entrance after suggestions from Kees de Mooy, Zoning Administrator, and The Chestertown Garden Club which will be tending to plantings this fall. This new placement will be visible on Mill Street. (ACTION ITEM: Ben will follow-up with Kees and the Garden Club about their timeline so sculpture install can occur after their work.)
    6. Ben reported back about the proposed painting of “Inchworm (for John Coltrane. After contacting Lee Kelly’s estate (his daughter) and the Elizabeth Leach Gallery to get advice from them on how to proceed with color choice and application, Ben said that the artist’s daughter Cassandra strongly urges not to repaint the sculpture and also that his gallery stated they would not consider “Inchworm” a work by Kelley if it were repainted. It was decided to let it rust naturally once it is remediated, possibly conserved by Leeland Ironworks itself, without painting it. Committee discussed future ideas to apply for a grant to repair sculptures, hold a memorial celebration in the late artist’s honor, and write up a story about this. (ACTION ITEM: Ben will share this with the Woickes and ask the ironworks if they can work on the repair.)
    7. Elizabeth reported at there will be a “Welcome Celebration of ‘The Dance’” as part of a sip and dance event at Sumner Hall on September 23, 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. (ACTION ITEMS: Elizabeth will contact Candice Ringgold at Sumner Hall to recommend that Ben will speak about the sculpture)
  4. Dave and Hester updated the group on the paper “Walking Tour” map/brochure which will be a three-fold, 12” x 9” publication, with suggestions for a QRC to the PAC website and a compass rose to orient the user (ACTION ITEM: Dave will have a map available to hand out by October 6 (ACTION: Kate will ask Francoise about sharing interactive map link, and do an email blast.)
  5. Above action items were reviewed in addition to:
    Everyone to consider placement of the remaining eight works, especially going to Bailey Park and consider light placement and sculptures before the next meeting.
    Ben will talk with Town Manager about upcoming MSAC grant opportunities.

Meeting adjourned at 5:47 p.m.

Next meeting is scheduled for October 10, 2023, 4:00 p.m.



Respectfully submitted by Marianne Laino Sade, Secretary


September 13, 2023

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