Recreation Commission, 2021, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Recreation Committee

Meeting Minutes



Location: Remote Zoom meeting at 6:00pm


In Attendance:  Harold Somerville, Frank Rhodes, Brandt Troup, Emily Genther, Jim Bogden, Nathanial Woodrow, Chip MacLeod, Molly Judge, Charles Lerner, Carla Johnson, Linda Boyer


  1. Meeting minutes from February 18th, 2012 meeting were approved.
  2. Ajax Park Improvement:
    • Jim Bogden presented 2 additional renderings for proposed changes to Ajax Park, Plans A, B, and C will be presented at the March 15th, 2021 Town Council meeting.
      • Plan B: Minor, cosmetic changes to the park.
      • Plan C: Larger basketball court. Toddler playground moved to the easement.
        • Owners of parking lot established. There is an easement between the court and parking lot. Lot cannot be used for additional court/playground space.
        • Safety standards need to be met in order to move the toddler playground location
      • Frank Rhodes proposes moving forward with presenting only Plan C to the Town Council, and doing away with Plans A & B. Seconded by Jim Bogden. Motion approved by Recreation Committee.
      • Park neighbors feel that their recommendations were not taken into account by the Recreation Committee when approving the plan to present to Town Council
  3. Each member of the Recreation Committee will be assigned a park to look into. Would like to take a look at the Comp Plan and see how it can be used for park improvements.
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