Recreation Commission, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Recreation Commission 

Chestertown Town Hall- 2nd floor.

Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Present: Dwight Zilinskas (chair), Danielle Cudone, Frank Rhodes, Frankie Mayo, Inez Santori, Jim Bogden (zoom), Guests: Jimmy Reynolds, local artist (zoom), Secethia Bordley-Davis (Master Gardener for the Garden Club, Chestertown Environmental Committee member)

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm

Approval of minutes of most recent minutes

Minutes from November 28, 2023, approved by the commission.

Due to lack of quorum, no official meetings were held in December or January.

The commission welcomed new members, Inez Santori and Frankie Mayo 

One vacancy remains. Dwight suggested having this position be a temporary short-term 6-month rotating voting position aimed at involving a Kent County High School student, or Washington College student. Dwight stated he would talk to the mayor and council to see if this is feasible and per town policy. Public notice will be given.

Free Kayak Use Program:  Free kayak rental program is now in place at the marina. There are 2 kayaks, paddles, and PFDs available. Anyone interested in renting a kayak will be directed to the marina. A marina liability waiver will be signed and then a code provided to unlock. 

Kayak storage rack: Currently there is a 9-person waiting list, and it has come into question whether an additional rack is needed. Many have not yet renewed their lease. Dwight to continue to follow- up with Paul Coleman (manager of the marina) on numbers.

ADA Kayak Launch Project: Frankie Mayo reported that the current kayak dock is not ADA-compliant. She stated that she would like to research writing a grant to obtain funding for an ADA-compliant kayak launch. Funding sources include the Chris and Dana Reed Foundation, and Wounded Warriors. Frank Rhodes made a motion for Frankie to research the ADA kayak launch project. The motion was seconded by Danielle Cudone and carried unanimously. 

Ajax Park native plant design concept: Secethia Bordley-Davis, Master Gardener from Chestertown Garden Club and Environmental Committee member presented a concept design for a pollinator garden/ monarch whey station at Ajax Park. The project would also be a learning garden for children in the community. Secethia stated that she is in the process of obtaining a Pollination Certification which will be completed in April 2024. Once certification is completed Secethia would be certified to design a pollinator garden for the community. Secethia stated that there is funding available from Shore Rivers. The Garden Club would be in charge of long-term maintenance. Public input will be sought to be compliant with open meetings act.

Painting Trash Barrels with Local Artist, Jimmy Reynolds

Guest Jimmy Reynolds, a local artist spoke to the Recreation Commission via Zoom this evening about a community project that was envisioned in November by the Recreation Commission- painting the 12 ugly trash barrels that are currently located in parks throughout the Chestertown. 

Jimmy Reynolds is an art teacher at Radcliffe Creek School, and director of the Choptank Tolomato Legacy Project, an organization whose mission is to teach children about the culture of the area through the arts. He works with children of all ages including those of underserved populations and learning differences. Jimmy has collaborated with numerous organizations in the area on several projects, a well-known project is a mural on the side of the storage vault on Morgnec Road in Chestertown which was done by K-8th graders many with disabilities, and community members on weekends. He has collaborated with organizations on other projects including the Whitsitt Center, Kent County High School, Garnett Elementary, and other areas on the shore such as Sudlersville and Caroline County. 

Jimmy expressed strong interest in painting the 12- trash barrels that are located in the parks. He stated funding sources are available that he would utilize for the project (e.g., MD State Art Council, Kent Cultural Alliance, private funds). Jimmy said that he could work on projects beginning April 1- October 3 and he could have 12 trash barrels painted through the course of the summer. Projects can be touched up over time. Projects would reflect the culture and environment of the area. Jimmy seeks input from children throughout his projects, as kids’ opinions are invaluable, and that brings the project back to them. Jimmy said he would need buy-in from the council. The Recreation Commission would like Jimmy to paint some of the barrels at the “Saturday in the Park Event” on June 8.  Jim Bogden stated he would place Jimmy Reynolds on the calendar to do a presentation for the council. 

Saturday in the Park

Health Department will sponsor the event for the 2nd year in a row, and has given $1500 to assist with funding the event. Organizations participating so far: Phoenix Martial Arts & YMCA. The event needs volunteers.

Dwight will contact Julie Madrano, head of the Farmer’s Market to invite all vendors to the event. No fee will be charged for non-profit or for-profit vendors this year. There was a discussion of the time frame for the event. Various time frames that were discussed included 10 am- 4 pm, 12 pm – 7 pm, 12-4p with music extending until 7p. No time has officially been set. The Recreation Commission has permission from Nina Fleegle, Director of Mainstreet to use the modular stage. Field games possibly be arranged before the event. Ideas so far are volleyball, and kickball competitions between organizations (e.g., LaMotte vs. Dixon, Radcliffe vs. Garnet Elementary, Lions Club vs. VFW). 

Eric Fitch and Jenny Freebery will lead the Radcliffe Creek Paddling tour.

Inez offered to set up a painting activity on canvases for children. Children would be able to paint whatever they would like on canvases. Paintings could be left to dry and picked up after the event.

Skate Park:  Frankie Mayo stated she would like to do further research on a skate park. The Recreation Commission will continue to discuss the skate park. 

Storage Bin: Dwight said he is waiting for approval from Larry to place a small storage bin at Wilmer Park for the Recreation Commission to store equipment it has acquired for several events. The Commission currently has no place to store equipment that has been purchased. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm


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