Recreation Commission, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Chestertown Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

7:00 pm, Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Meeting at Council Chamber, Town Hall

Attending: Jim Bogden (chair), Danielle Cudone, Frank Rhodes, Nat Woodrow, and Dwight Zilinskas

The meeting was called to order at 7:30

  1. Jim Bogden addressed the town council’s concern regarding the minutes not being up to date on the town website. Jim apologized and asked if a member of the Recreation Commission would take responsibility for being secretary and taking minutes. Danielle Cudone volunteered, and all members present agreed. The commission discussed having a regular meeting time each month to ensure that all agenda items and town concerns are addressed in a timely manner.
  2. Aunt Sarah’s playground at Wilmer Park. Tom Herz, council member for Ward 2, reported that he received a physical letter of complaint on June 11, 2023, from neighbors near Aunt Sarah’s playground at Wilmer Park. Tom Herz stated that neighbors near the park are complaining of noise late at night, drums are very loud, and blaring music in the parking lot. Tom Herz reported that Chief Dixon is aware of these complaints and has sent patrols to the park. – Several community members were present and collaboratively discussed the issues and generated solutions: Using a material called Dynamat to muffle the drums, increased police patrols, a swing gate to the park with a timer at dusk and dawn, signage stating park rules, and landscaping around the playground to soften the view and absorb noise.
  3. “Saturday in the Park” Free community event June 10, 2023- Recreation Commission reported that this was a successful and well-attended event at Wilmer Park. Activities included several field games (corn hole, volleyball, bocce ball, sack races), Radcliffe Creek paddling tour (kayaks to rent were available on site), open mic all day, dunk tank, face painting, crafts, aerobics, martial arts, food trucks, free popcorn, and a free movie at dusk. The event was sponsored by the Kent County Health Department. Organizations present were the Kent County YMCA, Phoenix Martial Arts, the Judy Center from Garnet Elementary School, Sumner Hall, Girl Scouts, the Environmental Committee of Chestertown, Bay Venture Outfitters, and the Chestertown Yacht Club Sailors. – The primary problem with the event was that the Recreation Commission was seriously understaffed with only a small group running the event beginning early in the morning around 8am – 10pm. The Commission decided that it needs a team of about 20 volunteers to make the event run effectively. Strong efforts will be made next year to recruit more volunteers and involve more community organizations.
  4. Washington Park Day- will take place on September 2, 2023. This is the first time the event will be open to the community, as in past years it was only for Washington Park residents. The event will include food trucks, vendors, live music, a dunk tank, and a moon bounce. More advertising needs to be done for the event.
  5. 10-Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan- Kat Stork from Shore Strategies Community Development is contracted with Chestertown to create a 10-year master plan for the community. Plans will include how to enhance recreational opportunities as well as developing and improving existing parks. A stakeholder workgroup will be created to develop this plan, preferably a diverse group from different organizations such as the planning commission, public art committee, various community members, and Kent County High School.
  6. Budget – The Chestertown Town Council has allocated $5,000 to the Recreation Commission for the 2023- 24 fiscal year.
  7. Storage at Wilmer Park- The Recreation Commission stated that it has now acquired several pieces of equipment and currently does not have adequate storage. Materials include a volleyball net, bocce ball, corn hole, etc. Jim Bogden suggested a small storage shed at Wilmer Park that would cost approximately $500.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:55pm

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