Recreation Commission, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Recreation Commission Minutes

Date: 11/28/2023

Present: Jim Bogden (chair), Danielle Cudone (secretary), Frank Rhodes, Dwight Zilinskas

Nathanial Woodrow, Recreation Commission member formally resigned from the commission.

Inez Santori applied for the vacancy. Dwight Zilinskas made a motion to recommend Inez for the vacant position to mayor and council. The majority passed the motion. Frank Rhodes abstained, as he felt that he did not know the candidate well enough to form an opinion. 

Jim Bogden will be out of town from January- March. Jim recommended Dwight Zilinskas as co-chair to take over his responsibilities while he is away. Frank made a motion to recommend Dwight Zilinskas as co-chair. The motion was carried unanimously.

Jim Bogden requested that all decisions regarding the 10-year Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan be postponed and not to be resumed until he returns. The Commission agreed. 

Ideas for Future Projects:

  • 1st Friday dances in library parking lot
  • First Saturday movies at Flagship Cinemas with sponsor. If 30 people attend, sponsor is not charged for the movie. 
  • Halloween party for the community on Downrigging weekend 
  • Trashcans in the Parks –  Discussed painting barrels to look more aesthetically pleasing and blend in with beautiful equipment and scenery. Frank Rhodes stated he would contact Jimmy Reynolds, a local artist who organizes art projects with children in the area. He said Jimmy Reynolds may possibly be interested in organizing groups of children to paint the barrels in each park with an Eastern Shore nature theme. 

Free Kayak Program – Town now has 2 kayaks that were donated. Anyone who wants to use one of the kayaks will be directed to the marina to complete and sign a contract. A code will then be given to unlock, and there will be a storage bin for PFDs. A person does not need to be a resident of Chestertown to rent one of the free Kayaks.

Bike Rental Program – Kelly Benson, from Bayventure Outfitters,  is interested in doing bike rentals. This is the same company that does the kayak rentals at Wilmer. Bike rental program would run the same way.

Saturday in the Park – Dwight submitted permit and waiting for council approval. Event will be on 6/8/2024, which is the same week as the National Music Festival. The Commission would like to work closely with the college. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm. 


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