Recreation Commission, 2016|

Recreation Commission

June 28, 2017

5:30 pm

Attendees: Troup, Meeks, Welsh, Mylander

Bill Arrowood submitted notes related to agenda items.

CRC Balance: $1,266 as some purchases have come under what the group had committed.  In addition, an invoice for $150 is in process.  Also, CRC previously voted to provide start-up funds for kickball league; however, this check request was not placed at town office until details were firm.  $816 needs to be allocated prior to FYE.

Kickball League:  Kent Athletic Center and CRC will co-sponsor a co-ed kickball league for adults.  CRC unanimously voted to allocate $300 to sponsor registrations for two teams.  CRC will advertise the league on its social media page.  The first sixteen people to PM the group will receive a promo code.  This code will be included on the registration to indicate that the registrant has one of the sponsored slots.  Eight people per team is an ideal number.  The league will play in August, after which, popularity will be assessed for expansion/continuation.  Amy stated that the KCMS field needs a good round of weed killing.

KAWC wanted to know what the rent should be.  Brandt noted that previous discussions about park space and usage rights with Town Manager yielded the outcome that none really exist at present.  In this case, CRC as co-sponsor, will ask for a no-cost permit to reserve the field for the league.  Any rent will be deferred in lieu of being able to sponsor another entrant.  Brandt suggested to Amy that her tenure as chair should probably include formalizing park use for organizations (e.g. kickball at KCMS, soccer at Bailey) now that our parks are more active use spaces.

Carpenter Park:  Bill Arrowood suggested a lockbox for equipment at Carpenter Park.  Brandt noted that the horseshoe sets are looking a little rusty already.  Mr Somerville from the community association wants to get cornhole boards as well.  Emily suggested we fill the box with various play equipment (balls, wiffleball, etc).  The group unanimously voted to allocate $250 for the lockbox, and $100 to fill it.

In addition, CRC members Troup, Meeks, and Mylander were on hand for the Carpenter Park ribbon cutting.  The event was brief, but formalizing the space now puts the onus on all of us to continue investing in the space, in particular, realizing the rendering provided to the Town by Carol Mylander.

Movies: Brandt noted that Kay McIntosh expressed an interest in firing back up the movie nights, now that the theater is dormant.  Moving the event to Fountain Park with more popular titles was previously agreed to by CRC.  Kay said that her office could cover the cost of a projectionist, as Brandt simply cannot play projectionist this year.  Brandt will reach out to Kay about what dates are best, and will get the no-cost permits filled out when that is firmed up.  CRC made a tacit agreement to commit $1,500 for licenses; however, we have historically made that expense the first of the new fiscal year.  Amy Meeks’ minutes for the next meeting should reflect official CRC vote.

In addition, a local business wanted to host movie nights.  Emily noted that committing funds to that effort may be risky without seeing the site and its capability to comfortably accommodate as many people possible.  This option may be good in cooler months.

Remaining funds:  It was suggested that remaining funds could be given to Kidspot.  One detraction from this idea is that intangibles aren’t seen by the community or those who fund CRC.  Amy suggested that this could be overcome in the form of scholarships for art/pottery camps.  The group unanimously voted to allocate remaining funds to Kidspot for scholarships.

Adjourned 6:15 pm


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