2013, Recreation Commission|

In attendance:  Bill Arrowood, Tim O’Brien, Jen Hicks, Caren Saunders, Carol Mylander, Jocelyn Williams


  • Update on Family Game Night
    • Attendance (26), (4) (15)
  • End of year report:
    Event attendance by the numbers:

    • Movies:  25-100
    • Bocce : 70
    • Family Game Night: 10-30
    • Pumpkinfest:  150
    • 4th of July w/DCA/WP Grant Project
  • Update on Gateway Park by K de Mooy scheduled for 2nd week of January, 2014 (After this presentation to that as it goes forward the CRC will have an official position to offer M&C)
  • Brief discussion of KCMS Baseball project – more to come after meeting with M&C and KCBofED
  • Sultana has invited CRC to be involved with Downrigging weekend.

General Discussion:

  • Suggested new games for Game Night
    • Decks of Cards
    • Uno
    • Othello
    • Rumi-cube
    • Candlyland
    • Chutes & Ladders
    • Quirkle
    • Monopoly
    • Jenga
    • Battleship

Writing of rec comp plan

  • Questions about the long term view of the Bailey Park
  • marking sure that it is not done piecemeal.
  • Members have frequently expressed disappointment in the choice to focus on the dog park for a large portion of a park so removed from the general populace and one that the Town chose to build a park for dogs before it build on for children.
  • Looking at the entire town and land that is currently owned and could be acquired for facilities

Discussion of projects for 2014

  • Permanent Bocce Court to be built, Wilmer court still considered the best location
    • exact space TBD (space originally considered is private land ahs proposed building planned)
  • Ajax clean up is still desperately needed
  • Rails to Trails needs egress near college for safety (several residents have asked)
    • should discuss with college and town
  • Tennis still a priority
  • Jen Hicks ask for the results of the 2012 survey to be mailed to the CRC members for review

Assignment for next meeting –

  • Members to come up with 3 ideas for facilities, locations or programming
  • Mission Statement – draft
  • Schedule calendar for 1 year events
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