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Recreation Commission

June 24, 2015

7 p.m. – Town Hall

Attendees:  Brandt Troup (Chair), Milford Murray (advisory), Carol Mylander (advisory), Jenn Hicks, Bill Arrowood (via conference), Caren Saunders (via proxy), Councilwoman Linda Kuiper

Quorum established at 7:05 p.m.

  • Old Business
    • Selection of contractor for movie nights
      • Maria Wood responded to the posting for an independent contractor to set up CRC movie nights.  CRC members set up the first night with assistance of Ms. Wood.  Ms. Wood should propose her rate for the remaining five showings, so that CRC may vote on the budget request.
  • Formalize drop in ball program to start ASAP at WP/Ajax (possible tie-in with BBQ truck)
    • Drop in programs tend to work if initially buoyed by something larger.  CRC agrees that encouraging school aged children to play at the town half courts would bring exposure to them and ensure town upkeep.  a 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 would be a good launch for this effort.  Brant has reached out the BBQ food truck as a potential sponsor.  July 25 would be a targeted weekend.
    • Bayside HOYAS are hosting their own tournament at WAC.  CRC members welcome to attend the group would be willing to talk about heading up drop-in efforts after this tournament ends.
  • New Business
  • KCMS Grant Approved.  Discussion re CRC role in enhancing the facilities.
    • See Supplemental Information for details.
  • Other Summer Programming
    • Movie night is being promoted and should be another success.  The key is to find ancillary draws to help fundraising and buzz (e.g. classic care for Back to the Future and Archaeology display by WAC for Raiders)
    • Wiffleball will be attempted once again.  The field used last year is now a construction zone.  Brandt will work to get his posted on the Town’s recreation tab.  Social media is also available.  There are plenty of green spaces that could be used, and the location of interested parties could dictate which one is selected.
    • Another attempt at kickball should be made with similar promotion, though KCMS appears to be the best location (requires BOE approval).
  • Washington Park Day Requirements:
    • Tabled due to absence
  • DCA July 3rd sponsorship
    • The commission voted to allow use of $100 of recreation funds to go to DCA as part of the Town’s July 4th/First Friday celebration in Fountain Park.  DCA will procure a cotton candy machine from JBK.  Bill Arrowood and Carol Mylander offered to occupy the booth.  Anyone is welcome to assist.
  • Around the Horn Reports
    • The theme of these around-the-horn reports has been for CRC to advocate for Town playground(s).  Jenn Hicks suggested that Bailey Park should be utilized more, and that perhaps this could be  a crown jewel playground location.  Members agree that the long term plan should include scaled playgrounds for each of the wards.
    • Bill Arrowood motioned that CRC should draft a resolution that states a CRC approved location for a town playground.  Brandt volunteered to draft and submit prior to the next meeting.  The motion passed without dissent.

Supplemental information:

From Sam Shoge:

It was announced at Monday’s (6/15) Mayor and Council meeting that we received the KCMS Grant for $230K.  Press release to follow shortly.

  • The rec commission allocations will not be affected.  Bringing the issues up about going above and beyond with the baseball field will be welcomed.  Kees would be a good person to talk to as the has the overall schematics of what the current proposal for the baseball field looks like.  If the rec commission wants to propose soliciting donations to make the field even better, please do, just keep in mind you will have to bring your proposal in front of the school board and county commissioners.  The current state we are in now required a lot of negotiations from all 3 sides.  Keep in mind, however, we will be bidding out projects in separate phases.  I’ll be sure to keep the rec commission in the loop when it comes time to drafting the RFP for the baseball field so that we can incorporate your recommendations.

From Kees de Mooy:

  • The specifications for the planned recreational field were developed with input from Dr. Couch, Janice Steffy, Lisa Orem and the Middle School groundskeeper and athletics.  The baseball field location and design were decided by this group, as they are the ones who ultimately are responsible for its use and upkeep and they are also the most familiar with what the students want and need.  The bottom line is that the baseball diamond included in the larger scope of work funded by DNR’s Community Parks and Playgrounds Program will be very simple and easy to maintain and will be located at the corner of Rolling Road and Campus Avenue.  This is the plan that received the support and approval for the group mentioned above, as well as the County Commissioners.  Plan for an upgrade field were rejected for a variety of reason, some of which are listed above.  All this being said, they may be receptive to some improvements that would not create more maintenance issues, such as fixed benches for players for instance.  You’d have to approach the school board for their approval and any modifications to the current plans.
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