Recreation Commission, 2016|

Recreation Commission

April 3, 2017


Location: Imperial

Attendees: Troup, Meeks

Mylander and Welsh had to withdraw due to illness.  As quorum was not met, it was decided to convene a virtual session to vote on agenda items.

Items to consider for budget purposes:

  1. Family fitness program. Aundra Anderson provided Amy with a proposal for services to conduct six family oriented fitness classes at Wilmer Park in May/June. Amy and Brandt discussed the proposal, and decided that it may be best to allocate in two phases at $50 per class. If attendance does not justify another three classes, we would cut short the program. After the six subsidized classes, the participants and provider can decide how they wish to continue as a unit.

For proposal to allocate $150: Meeks, Mylander, Welsh, Troup

Against: Johnson (citing a desire to see in-depth marketing plan), Arrowood

Motion passes

  1. Noted that Washington Park plan has been approved locally. Phase 1 will include those things we can tackle in house to show immediate progress, and to make our eventual grant application more appealing. Benches and swing set to be moved in May per Councilman Shoge. Installation of horseshoe pits would also be a phase 1 project. Requested $200 in materials.

For $200 allocation for materials: Arrowood, Johnson, Meeks, Mylander, Welsh, Troup

Motion passes

  1. Requested $30 to procure new tetherball for Ajax.

For $30 allocation: Arrowood, Johnson, Meeks, Mylander, Welsh, Troup

Motion passes

  1. A Kent County Little League coach approached the commission to ask for assistance with buying equipment. As there are three sponsored teams representing Chestertown at upper levels (disclosure: one of which is coached by the chair), the lower level (coach pitch) requested some help. Suggested two $100 Olympia gift cards be distributed to coach pitch division coaches representing Chestertown teams..

For $200 allocation with receipt upon usage: Arrowood, Johnson, Meeks, Mylander Welsh

Abstain: Troup


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