Recreation Commission|

5:30 p.m.

In attendance:  B. Arrowood, M. Troup, C. Saunders, J. Jewell, C. Mylander

Update on current programming:

  • Movie Night:
    • Purchase of new equipment, new screen has arrived, projector ordered and will arrive next week.
    • 1st two movie nights successful with 70+ in attendance
    • Eastern Shore Tang Soo Do School will demonstrate before tonight’s film, The Karate Kid.
    • Planned coordination with KC Humane Society for Aug 22 for “Bolt” with Kid Spot of September 5 for “Lego Movie”, adding of a hoop for “Space Jam” on August 8th.
  • Bocce Spring Season
    • Over 100 participants – 17 teams, ages from 27 -87
    • Regular season ended on Thursday, 2 week playoffs start next week
    • Bocce BBQ Party on July 22
    • Fall league to begin 5 week season Sept. 8
  • Block Parties
    • 1st neighborhood block party will be upper Calvert Street noon to 5 p.m. on August 16 to coincide with Charlie Graves Appreciation Day
    • CRC is providing rental subsidy for inflatable play equipment and aiding in notifying neighbors, no vendors or outside food for sale.
    • We would like to add at least 2 more parties by early fall
    • Dates and details TBD after contact with the neighbors.
    • Neighborhoods for suggestions:
      • Bailey Park or Campus avenue suggested for College/Byford Heights neighbors
      • Coventry center grounds for Flatland Road areas (M Troup will contact Coventry HOA)
    • Following a request for purchase of portable basketball rims for Calvert Street party several donations have been offered of lightly used equipment from Bill Ingersoll, Jen Mulligan and Shrewsbury Church.  Equipment will be stored at Town Yard and used for event based programming, rather than dropped off and left in a neighborhood, with had been the previous practice. The Town had recently owned several portable units, but because of lack of care, they were scrapped as unusable.
  • Programming Planning
    • Fall Fest
      • Date is October 26.  The week prior to Halloween, similar programs are planned.
    • Fall adult kick ball league
      • Begin September 8 and play on Wednesday and Friday
      • Begin as a pick up league, then divide into teams, as interest merits
      • Location suggestions:  Board of Ed Property/Middle School/Bailey Park
    • Other Ideas
      • M. Troup suggested all ages wiffle ball league
        • 5 weeks play of Mondays beginning August 11.  He will host location TBD, suggestion, same as kickball
        • B Arrowood will make calls to find the best location available.
      • C Saunders suggested Kite Festival for Spring at Bailey Park
  • In House Business
    • Resignation of Sally Harding, due to family commitments, upcoming frequent travel and a disappointment that the Town has not moved foreword to plan and implement facilities for children’s play, she asks to be kept in an advisory role
    • Suggestions for replacement:
      • B. Arrowood nominates Jane Jewell, coordinator of Music in the Park
      • No other open suggestions from membership at this time.  Will confirm with mayor and Council.
  • Gateway Park Letter
    • The Chair has drafted a letter expressing concerns about the development of Gateway Park as  basketball facility and the lack of public input on this project.  To date there has been no specific public meeting to discuss its planning and use and the CRC has received numerous concerns regarding the safety and appropriateness of adding a facility to be used by children to an area that has intrinsic dangers based on its location
    • Vote for approval to send the letter as drafted
    • General discussion occurred and while most were in agreement with a public meeting should be called and that there are issues with the choice of location, no vote was taken because of lack of a quorum.
    • J. Jewell suggested getting together a petition to accompany letter.
  • Status of Commission in regards to M&C
    • M&C has made public statements that it believes that the CRC should not be involved with the planning or approval of facilities for the Town (see M&C meeting 6/16)
    • CRC membership were generally off put by this decision as many became involved to try to assist the Town towards adding facilities for children
    • 1st Ward Councilperson Liz Gross will be revising the 1978 ordinance creating the CRC, time frame to TBD
  • Middle School Project Update
    • Mayor Cerino has meet with KCPS and relays that they will submit a grant application this August for a comprehensive redevelopment of KCMS property, KC Board of Ed has voted to approve this plan
  • Other business:
    • C Saunders shared about locate recipients of Kids Who Care Grant.
    • Small amount grants for great ideas presented and designed by school kids
    • We discussed that that we should recognize these kids for their initiative
    • J. Jewell explained the process for organizing and planning Music in the Park and her history with the program
    • B. Arrowood made mention of upcoming Harry Potter Festival in September.

Meeting called to set up for Movie in the Park.

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