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Recreation Commission

November 23, 2015

6:00 p.m.

Town Hall

Attendees:  Brandt Troup, Carol Mylander, Amy Meeks, Jennifer Hicks (6:20 – adjourn), Jane Jewell (6:15 to 6:30)

  • Review
    • Brief Discussion of pumpkin patch.  It was a smooth event.  Kitchen at the Imperial donated pumpkin bread pudding which netted $37 in proceeds for CRC’s use to supplement future programming.  Queen Anne’s Bowling Center donated equipment and free game coupons.  Redman Farms and Unity supplied pumpkins and straw.
  • Winter Programming
    • Relaunch of family game night.  Brandt noted that attendance was high last go around then trailed.  The way to keep the program fresh is to rotate locations, have theme nights, have door prizes and some snacks.  Amy suggested that Chestertown Landing has a community space.  This may be a part of town where we will have to reach out as opposed  to assuming we will be found.  Brandt spoke to Bill Lobley about using EMS meeting space and doing a touch-a-truck night.  Jenn mentioned role playing/card game has its own culture and we could bring these folks together (maybe the college).  The library remains in the rotation and would be perfect for word games.  The final game night will feature games created by kids from the community.  Carol motioned we fund the program and Jenn seconded.  $200 was unanimously approved for games/door prizes.
    • Brandt mentioned that active winter programming may be limited owing to the County beefing up its offerings at Worton.  Dodgeball at Kent Athletic could be a possibility; however, last year’s effort failed to produce success.  KAWC offers indoor soccer for ages 5-10 which CRC promotes.
  • Playground
    • Jenn wanted to know where playground resolution stands.  Brant informed Jenn that Mayor Cerino has CRC on the 12/7 M&C agenda.  The mayor supports efforts to make Bailey Park an active use park.  Funding is a hurdle.  Jenn notes that here attendance at the meeting will largely be as advocate, and that specifics and schematics could be crafted once she secures support of the council at large.
  • Mini-Golf
    • Carol mentioned in  a prior meeting (when she saw pumpkin putt-putt was part of pumpkin patch activities) that the town is primed for a mini-golf course.  Brandt noted that it was something that was thrown out as a long-term idea when CRC reanimated.  He also has spoken to the GM at Queen Annes bowling about usage at their small course.  She notes that her course needs some TLC and thinks that improvements could bring more foot traffic.
    • Also, while most are privately owned, there is precedent for courses at public parks.  Carol noted that there is an artistic element.  Brandt suggested that Carol reach out to her colleagues in the art community and see if any synergies can be developed.  Any further details at this time require painstaking planning that does not have conceptual buy-in.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Next meeting 12/14 – 6 p.m. Town Hall

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