2013, Recreation Commission|


Present:  Bill A., Hope C., Brandt T., Sally H., Tim O.

  • Planning for Parks and Playgrounds Grant
    • Bill spoke with John Johnson and Lisa Orem about recreation activity at KCMS.  The group present decided to focus on Washington Park for the Parks and Playground grant and to work to fundraise for baseball field and possibly tennis courts later.
    • We also talked about working with Sabine on supporting community involvement in community gardens.
    • We decided to provide resources for Washington Park and possible through way to Coventry due August 20th, response in April of 2014 funding the following year after that.
  • Actions:
    • Hope has reserved the Public Library in Chestertown for a community meeting on July 22nd from 6-7 p.m. to discuss the grant with community members
    • Brant will call the Home Owners Association in Coventry to let them know about the meeting
    • Need to reach out to people who live in Washington Park
    • Sally will contact Armond about contacting the churches for their input


  • Present the proposal to Town Council on August 5th
  • Possible meeting agenda:
    • Introduce grant and developing resources for recreation at Washington Park with a through way to Coventry
    • Ideas:  Pavilion with additional tables, improving basketball court, provide a small play set, improve parking access, develop landscape that brings shade
  • Announcements:
    • Bill relayed a positive report on basketball tournament at Worton, sponsored by the Gods Anointed New Generation (GANGS) where the Bayside HOYAS were also.  Bill suggested the possibility of having a similar tournament in fall in Chestertown.  All parties were excited.
      • Movie – Grease.  This Thursday
    • Bayside HOYAS (Helping Our Youth Achieve Success) are going to help out with the popcorn at the showing of the Titans in September
    • Recommendation from the President of the Planning Commission, Chris Cerino for CRC to create a long term planning guide – Document public recreational space, where we are, and where we want to be.  We will tackle logistics about fees, etc. Would like to create guidelines for people to submit ideas up on the Town website.

Submitted by:  Hope Clark


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