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Recreation Commission

October 12, 2015

Town Hall – 6:00 p.m.

Attendees:  Brandt Troup, Amy Meeks, Jennifer Hicks, Bill Arrowood (by call to establish quorum).  THis is an extension of the 9/24 discussion attended by Brandt Troup, Amy Meeks and Carol Mylander.

  • Pumpkin Patch Planning:
    • The group voted to allocate $400 to its annual Pumpkin Patch event.  $230 for pumpkins from Redman Farms, $100 for marketing materials, $70 for miscellaneous supplies.  We have contacted a local restaurant about selling fall desserts with proceeds shared to cover supply overages or into supplies for future programs.
    • Brandt has contacted the bowling alley for bowling pins and clubs to use in the pumpkin bowling/putt putt events.  Carol can secure straw for the scarecrow station.  Brandt has contacted town personnel for permits to use Memorial Plaza on 10/24.  The event is 11-2 2ith time needed before an dafter for set up and take-down.
    • CRC’s day downtown will culminate with a display of the pumpkins at Fountain Park and a Halloween themed movie.
  • Washington Park Improvements
    • Brandt noted separate conversation he has had with people who mentioned new benches for Fountain Park and Washington Park improvements on the heels of their successful event.  Brant suggested that if Garden Club recommends reverting to Colonial style benches, Washington Park would be willing recipients of the ones painted by the schools. Mayor Cerino stated in a side conversation that this is not in the current budget.  Brandt has suggested an MOU, but it was later thought that this does not require such formality.  Councilman Shoge could/should be brought in the loop to pick-up the advocacy effort on behalf of WP.
  • Skateboard Ordinance
    • Brandt drafted a resolution to present to Mayor and Council recommending repeal of the skateboard ordinance.  This has been discussed often in the past, but never grew legs.  Bill Arrowood suggested that changes should instead be outlined, as outright repeal is probably DOA with the current council.
  • Playground Discussion
    • Brandt asked Jen Hicks if she would take on the role of playground advocate within CRC.   Jen recently succeeded in getting a playground at subsidized housing in Fairlee.  I noted that our resolution really needs a few more specifics to be presentable to council.  Jen is okay with being our point person, however, she would rather I present our resolution as it to make sure Mayor and Council support the notion in the first place, before logging the hours needed to present a more formal plan
  • Mini-golf expanded discussion
    • Tabled due to Carol Mylander illness

Adjourned 6:50 p.m.

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