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Recreation Commission

August 22, 2016

8/22 6pm Town Hall

Attendees: Carol Mylander, Brandt Troup, Emily Welsh, Jane Jewell, Sam Shoge (Ward 3), Kay McIntosh (Town of Chestertown), Harold Somerville and Darrell D of Washington Park.


  • WP Day contribution
    • The chairman requested the presence of Councilman Shoge to discuss plans for the Washington Park space, which have largely been omitted from recent discussions. CRC wants to make the most of this property; however, it’s position within a private neighborhood made other areas high priority. With those areas gaining traction, it is time to discuss what is realizable at Washington park.
    • When CRC was reanimated in 2012, one of its first initiatives was a grant application for a $75,000 investment in a scaled playground and other updates. This was ultimately rejected, as it was seen as not serving enough people. In addition, Gateway Park had just been given the green light for a grant.
    • Harold Somerville has launched Washington Park day, now in its second year. September 3rd is this year’s event. Mr Somerville requested some assistance to secure a bounce house (Price Rentals) and portable toilet (A Plus Sanitation). Total cost $350. Brandt asked Mr Somerville to arrange billing with the Town to ensure tax exemption, and because Mr Ingersoll would rather pay the vendor than reimburse individuals. CRC unanimously voted to provide this allocation.
    • Discussion also took place for milestones to improve the park. Mr Somerville would like to see a new basketball hoop. It was agreed that the current hoop is an eyesore at best, and hazard at worst. Brandt mentioned installing visible improvements at low cost. Horseshoe pits were suggested, as that activity appeals to various age groups. Darrell suggested that while he is show thrower, younger folks are playing cornhole. Brandt noted that cornhole boards might not look permanent, and could be treated that way by a random passerby. Carol suggested a lockbox similar to what bocce has at Wilmer. Brandt agreed, and will place a request to local contractors who might have an extra Jobox or two.
    • The neighborhood delegation discussed its plans for a pavilion. Funding on hand is well off the mark at this time. Darrell mentioned rental opportunities. Councilman Shoge thought some joint fundraising might be possible with the community association retaining priority usage rights.
    • Brandt mentioned that the benches would be arriving around 10/22. We would like for the painted benches to go to the community. Naming of the park area was brought up by Brandt. Darrell nominated Louisa Carpenter, who headed the Springfield Foundation that built the neighborhood. Brandt knowingly asked the councilman if this required an act of council. It does, and it was agreed that this be included in CRC/community’s plan.
  • Ajax
    • Brandt has reached out to an organization to build the fence. No response that has teeth just yet. CRC would have to contribute for materials. This may worth getting a fence immediately, as opposed to waiting for budget process next year. A fence was included in CRC’s budget request to Council.
    • The blacktop needs to be done ASAP.
    • A trashcan is now present.
    • Benches and bike rack can be added.
  • Kay’s topics
    • Kay had inquired about Pokemon Go and what we could do. Brandt is concerned that the locals, our primary constituents, have found what is to be found in Town. We could set up tables around town for the old fashioned card game or other themed games. If the goal is to bring more heads to downtown, as other towns have done with this fad, CRC feels this is better handled by DCA.
    • Kay also wanted to ask CRC about events that can be coordinated with a River Arts installation on 9/24. Charlie the Peacock will be headed to the foot of High Street. Kay has a dance party in place among other ideas. Those seemed fine. Brandt suggested that Charlie looks very techno, and that Trevor Janega (Kent Massive) may be a good resource for providing DJs and appropriate music. It seemed that Kay was more interested in affirmation than asking us to actually run something here.
  • Bailey event for soccer
    • Brandt to ask about the goals allegedly coming to Bailey. The season looms. Crab soccer and other festivities might be fun for opening day in town.
  • Eye on Fall Offerings
    • Tabled
  • Around the horn
    • None.
  • Finally (Bowling Alley)…
    • It was brought to our attention that the future of the bowling alley is in doubt. Brandt noted Carol’s previous mini-golf overtures, and mentioned that he had inquired about the golf holes at the bowling alley which are rarely used and appear to be in need of some TLC. No response. Jane was able to provide information for ownership. Brandt will reach out to see if they are willing to liquidate or write off this part of the business.

Adjourned 7:30

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