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Recreation Commission

February 22, 2016

Vice Chair:  Amy Meeks

Attendance:  Carol Mylander, Jennifer Hicks, Brandt Troup (via conference), Bill Arrowood (via conference)

  • Bocce Spring Season
    • Bill Arrowood has stepped aside as commissioner of the bocce league.  Frank Hurst, the citizen who originally championed the league will take over those duties.  He convened a meeting of the captains and established officers for the league going forward.  The captains would like to have an autonomous league operating out of Town park locations.
    • Brandt noted that this is essentially how other leagues operate.  His concern was that financial aspect of the league if no CRC member was running it.  Frank stated that part of the autonomy they propose is to establish their own account for the league.  Brandt asked about proceeds from prior years.  Bill Arrowood reported that revenues through fall 2015 exceeded league outlays by $4930.  Brand t will ask the Town about this number and where it is allocated in the GL.
    • Frank Hurst wanted to submit a formal proposal, which CRC agreed to support with a motion by Jenn Hicks that was passed by a majority of the membership.  Bill Arrowood abstained, noting that autonomy would give the town an “out” from supporting the league.  CRC’s majority opinion is that it will continue to promote the league as it is a recreation program within the town.  In addition, the funds on hand are ostensibly for a playing surface.
  • Playground Update
    • Jenn updated everyone about the survey results to date.   Over 100 responses were received as of 2/22.  March 4th will be the last day to respond.  Survey will go out via final email blast.  Proposal to be presented to Council and Mayor on March 21st.
    • Discussion among the group about other designs around the county.  Brandt wanted a Q on the survey about community build, as two first offer that service.  Cost for that service is driven by design and materials as opposed to installation.  The issue is, will those who say yes to a community build also be the ones willing to pick up a wrench?
  • Spring events:
    • Ribbon cutting ceremony at Gateway Park.  May.  Brandt suggested basketball tourney.  May Madness?  Carol and Jenn asked if we can get “famous” basketball players to attend.  Brandt suggested WAC teams or Damonte Dodd from UM (went to Centreville).  Theo former being more likely.
    • Brandt mentioned that would finally like to get a town vs gown kickball game off the ground as this could be a gateway for students to bolster future CRC programming that has been hard to get off the ground with the general population.
  • A&E Synergy
    • Carol previously mentioned mini-golf in Town.  How to get?  Can it be done through CRC?  She noted that many holes have artistic qualities.  Brandt asked at t his meeting if sending this to Kay would be a good start.  Carol said no now, as she has not developed anything concrete.  We agreed to table it until there is something to actually propose.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15.

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