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Recreation Commission

May 23, 2016

Attendees:  Brandt Troup, Jenn Hicks, Nivek Johnson, Carol Mylander

  • Budget tweaks
    • Jenn suggested that the fencing for Ajax could be done in house and perhaps removed.  Brandt appreciates that sentiment but we are asking the Town crew to move the equipment and perform other beautification at Ajax.  He suggested leaving it on the budget in the interest of finding someone who could do it immediately.  If the Town is able to deliver on the fence, that that line is freed up for contingency.
    • Noted that our rough draft included a new hoop and benches.  Those can come off the budget, as the mayor is leaning toward removal of the blacktop and using 2 of 6 Fountain Park benches for Ajax.
  • Movie night button up
    • Dates selected and approved by WAC for use of Custom House lawn.  Sandlot, Big, Napolean Dynamite, Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire will be the titles.  Brandt asked Criterion re payment terms for licenses since most titles are in FY17 but allocation not yet approved.  Criterion said that we are technically to pay in advance.  If necessary, some funds remain for current year for that first showing.
  • Kent County Youth Soccer at Bailey Park
    • Bill Lobley of KCYSA met with Mark Dixon.  Both feel some work needed to get the Bailey land up to par, yet it is possible.  KCYSA also put in for County grant to procure goals for the park.  Bill Ingersoll and Myra Budget about equipment.  All are okay with overflow parking on Schauber if necessary.
  • Ajax
    • We largely tied this into the budget talk.  Brandt did volunteer to mark the previously discussed hopscotch/four square areas on the trail to show further improvement to the park.  Will only be done with explicit permission.
  • Washington Park Improvements FY17
    • Four benches headed to WP.  Nivek suggested one by the garden and another by the court.  The others could go along the trail.  Nivek also noted that the hoop is in rough shape.  Brandt noted that if it is unplayable, then perhaps this could be the home for the Ajax hoop.
    • Mr. Somerville would like a pavilion for the park which is quite costly.  Perhaps another round of funding from Washington Park day in September will help.   Mayor Cerino suggested meeting between Somerville, Troup, Shoge to design and improved space.
    • Around the horn
    • Carol reminded us that she has a client who has a substantial swing set to donate.  Noted this could be a good addition to Washington Park.  Moving it from A to B is TBD.

There being no other business volunteered, meeting adjourned.

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