2013, Recreation Commission|

In attendance:  Bill Arrowood, Caren Saunders, Carol Mylander, Sally Harding, Armond Fletcher, Nivek Johnson.

Caren Saunders presented info about applying for grant w/Local Management Board for another play space at Garnett Playground on behalf of HHGES/PTA.  Jenn Hicks also attended the meeting.  LMB has $250,000.00 to disperse in the community.  Several larger, well established programs ten to get the lion’s share.  In the past, only there have only been a handful of applicants, there were over 20 people applying this year.

There was an open discussion about ideas for this grant proposal.  Discussion focused on applying for smaller actualizable projects that could make an impact, or for specific programming ideas rather than a large physical facility project.  The grant is largely designed to help programs and jobs produced to help children and families in Kent County.  This application is due June 7, 2013.

Sally Harding surveyed many people in the community at local events over the weekend and came back with these suggestions from the general populace:

  • Community playground – Garnett or Rolling Road
  • Full size basketball court – Friday night extended hours with lights (where?)
  • Repairs to Ajax Court
  • Fishing pier extended out at Wilmer Park
  • Miniature Golf Course
  • Grills at Wilmer Park
  • Movie Nights
  • Permanent outdoor cooking facility/area at Chestertown Marina for fish fry, grill outs, Friday evening, Sunday afternoons sponsored by Town.  Shuffleboard/Cornhole
  • Community Garden
  • Practice goals (lacrosse soccer)
  • Outdoor Chess
  • Youth Steel band
  • youth dance parade group
  • Play area – Wilmer Park
  • Exercise stations – walking trail
  • Rolling Road- ball field/playground/picnic shade area.

CRC then toured the current and possible facilities, owned recreation/park areas and potential recreation land sites in Town.

Ajax Court – suggested to check total land space available to expand and improve basketball court, back towards the town shop.  add seating, benches, lights despite it being hidden, is still a good location as it is in downtown by walking trail and carries a historic use.

Chestertown Walking Trail – touched on as we visited Ajax and exercise stations along the trail were suggested.

Wilmer Park – Understanding of multi-use for a variety of events, but could still be enhanced with the addition of more tables and grills/artistic climbing play equipment/art scape for children/seating for adults.

Chestertown Middle School Playground – ball fields have gone fallow, tennis courts are crumbling and have had tennis net posts removed.  Has a crushed gravel track surrounding it.  CRC hopes to reinstate/rebuild a baseball diamond, refurbish tennis courts, upgrade track with exercise stations.

Rolling Road – poor entrance from Rolling Road.  No signage for entrance from Rt. 291.  No shade.  Additional uses:  playground, picnic area (are there plans for this park available anywhere for public input or review?).  CRC Committee members were uniformly aghast by this area in its lack of design, accessibility, limited populace usage and were general y concerned for what it must have cost at the tax payer expense.

Nicholson site – Future gateway project, park/picnic area.  has poor access, no sidewalks, has had some recent cleanup from is from a working idea.  No member of the CRC views this as the “best” option for a basketball court or area where one expects children to be able to play, but it would be a very nice picnic area and serve, as the name suggested, as a gateway.

Washington Park – No shade, limited lights, but does offer a grill and few benches and a half court basketball court.  This site seems neglected by the Town and could easily  be improved with a pavilion and some limited play equipment and expanded and improved court.

Garnett Playground was not visited as everyone was familiar with space and continues the ongoing support for improved equipment for Garnett children and community use.

Meeting adjourned on the road at approximately 8:15 p.m.

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