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Chestertown Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 8, 2021

Virtual meeting via Zoom

Attending: Jim Bogden, Harold Somerville, Rosemary Ramsay Granillo, and Frank Rhodes.  Also guest: Jose Medrano

The meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm.


1. Approval of minutes: The minutes of the October 11 meeting had not been distributed and so their approval was postponed until the following meeting.

2. Update on Wilmer Park playground: Jim Bogden reported that the state grant has been held up due to intervention by neighbors opposed to the park. The state Board of Public Works did not meet in November and a decision is now expected the first week of December. The cost may go up due to the delay.

Jim presented a diagram of a proposed wooden-slat fence around the playground and indicated that Main Street Chestertown might be willing to pay for it.

The diagram included three benches. A potential donor for one has come forward.

3. Replacement playset at Carpenter Park: Jim suggested that the Commission approach the town with a plan. Harold Somerville indicated that the previous (donated) playset was a good size. The replacement should include a playhouse, slide, and five swings. Wood mulch would be an adequate surface covering. Harold will contact Dawn Holden in Rock Hall about possible designs. No funding source has been identified.

4. Kayak and windboard storage: The Mayor asked that the Recreation Commission address kayak and windboard storage on the waterfront. Jim reported he had discussed the matter with Stu Gray, leader of an informal local windboarding club, and will prepare a written report recommending two wooden racks at the Marina and in Wilmer Park.

5. General discussion: Newly elected councilmember Jose Medrano discussed goals and priorities with the Rec. Commission members.

Frank Rhodes also brought up the issue of permanent restrooms in Wilmer Park. The Commission should submit a recommendation to the Town.

Rosie Granillo suggested that the Commission hold listening sessions in each ward in partnership with each Council member. Jose endorsed the idea.

Frank brought up the problems of the lack sidewalks on some streets in Chestertown.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:47 upon a motion by Rosie, seconded by Harold. The next regular meeting date is December 13, 2021.

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