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Chestertown Recreation Commission
Meeting Minutes

Saturday in the Park Planning Meeting

Thursday, April 11, 2024

2nd Floor, Chestertown Town Hall

Attending: Chair Jim Bogden; Vice-Chair Dwight Zilinskas; Secretary Danielle Cudone; Commissioner Frankie Mayo; Commissioner Inez Santori; Nina Fleegle (Mainstreet Director), Stu Grey, Mark Pagan (Phoenix Martial arts director)

Nina attended as there was a requirement to utilize Town owned equipment (stage, chairs, and some tables).  Stu Gray will direct the music venue and has volunteered to do it again. What we have done for the past 2 years under the grass set up in shade.  Nina needs to know how big the stage needs are. 8 x 8 was suggested, highest is 36 inches, usually set at 24 inches with sides. 12 x 16 was asked by Stu.  4-foot increments. Dwight asked about installation, the town must install per Nina. The labor to put up and take down, a question was asked about cost, and we were told that it would be no charge to a town entity.  Grass will be cut Wednesday, and the stage will go up the next day.  Location of the stage discussion: also need power considerations. The stage set up was near the power supply, near the tree nearest to the rotary club pavilion; this will now be the location where the Girl Scouts will set up their cotton candy and sno-cone vending area. Stu has a 10 x 10 canopy. Nina stated that the town has 4 more pop up tents.  12 x 16 was suggested by Stu. Nina stated there were tents, tables chairs and other item stables, own commissions and non-profits, an email must be sent to Nina from Dwight.  Stu asked for some chairs. Nina said the town has 20. Jim said he believes the town has chairs and it was in the permit. Poll the vendors and ask about the need for tables.  Regarding the stage, can we reach out to kids and poetry, the dance school. Frankie will ask about Jennifer’s dance school.  

It was determined that the Kayaking tour would be 10am to noon. Music from 12 noon to 5pm. 

At the same time, the National Music festival will be going on at the boathouse. Family concert at 2:00 lasts for 30 minutes. Family petting zoo at 2:30, all of which will be located at the Hinson pavilion. At 3:30 the festival brass ensemble will be performing at the boathouse. It is usually quite loud.  Ashton Moody expressed interest and do bucket drumming 3 to 5pm is the window of availability.  Must be mindful of the correct location so as to not overlap with festivities at the National Music Festival.

For Power the Girl Scouts will need power for sno-cones and cotton candy.  They can also sell water for $1 a bottle.  It was decided that the location will be the Pavilion and they will have dedicated power which should be separate from the music/PA items which Stu will be setting up.

Dwight wanted to invite violinists from the National Music Festival to come and play the acoustic stage. 

Arts activities – Inez has 2-fold up tables. She needs chairs.  Kent Cultural Alliance? Tip Top Tots Radcliffe Creek;  (Nina’s suggestion), Plein Air Artists will attend.

Dwight Zilinskas facilitated the special meeting called to plan the June 8 Saturday in the Park event.

Danielle Cudone will contact Walker Family food truck.

The group discussed the need for a volunteer coordinator…. Eric Fitch was suggested. Jim Bogden will distribute information to the Master Plan stakeholder group.

                  Danielle will be present at Earth Day to advertise the event.

Stu Grey will paint two pieces of plywood donated by Jim Bogden to be signs that can be used every year, just updating the date. Dwight will locate the banners used last year to determine if they can be reused. If not, new ones will be ordered.

The group decided not to contract for puppet show.

Jim Bogden asked for vote on the items to be purchased for the event using Recreation Commission funds. Inez Santori proposed a motion; Danielle seconded; vote was unanimously in favor. The items include:

  1. First aid kit: up to $60
  2. Bullhorn: up to $50
  3. Hula hoops: up to $50
  4. Two vinyl banners for the RR crossing, 30” x 6’: up to $400
  5. Labor and materials for Stu Grey to paint two plywood signs: $300
  6. Printing flyers: up to $200
  7. Printing stickers: up to $100
  8. Rent dunk tank: up to $300
  9. Printing t-shirts: up to $200
  10. Bottled water and ice for volunteers & staff: up to $50

The meeting adjourned at 7:45. The next meeting of the Recreation Commission will be April 16.


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