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Chestertown Recreation Committee meeting minutes: 26-April-2021


Location: Louisa Carpenter Park Pavilion at 6:00pm


In Attendance:

Harold Somerville

Frank Rhodes

Brandt Troup

Emily Genther

Jim Bogden

Siege Edwards

Chip MacLeod

Carla Johnson

Samantha Holloman

Brian Kirby

Tom Lippincott





  1. Jim Bowden reads Chestertown Recreation Committee’s Official Role
  2. Motion made to amend meeting minutes from March 8, 2021 meeting minutes. Motion approved.
  3. Remaining budget from 2020 was presented. Ideas for use were discussed.
    • Update equipment at Washington Park
    • Fundraising
    • Landscaping and benches at various parks in Chestertown
  4. New budget will be set in June 2021. Potential uses for budget discussed
    • CRC Zoom subscription
    • Youth dances
    • Family/Movie nights in Wilmer Park
    • Fundraising efforts
  5. Washington Park Updates
  • Jim Bogden motions to request Mayor and Town Council work to correct septic issues at Washington Park playground. Motion is seconded and approved.
  • Look into pricing of new swings and additional play features.
  • Look into what the codes are for new playground equipment.
  • Meet with Dawn to discuss playground ideas.
  1. General discussion opened up to all participants
  • Speak with organizers of Juneteenth events. Discuss what the CRC can contribute.
  • Maps at each of the town parks to show the location of each park and what is offered.
  • Permanent chess tables installed in fountain Park
  • Potential fundraising ideas and additional town events discussed.
    • Town Scavenger hunt
    • Walkathon Fundraiser
    • music night in the park
  1. Ajax Park discussion
  • What is the status of the Wilmer Park Playground grant?
  • Altering fundraiser idea to include up to date toddler equipment
  • Keeping the court as a half court is discussed. Better for younger children.
  • Alternate plan will be ready to present in May.
  1. Next Chestertown Recreation Committee meeting will be held on May 10, 2021 at

Louisa Carpenter Park Pavilion at 6:00pm.






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