Recreation Commission, 2018|

Chestertown Recreation Commission meeting minutes 8/16/18


Attendance: Brandt, Dinah, Emily, Amy

September movie 9/7/18- Beauty and the Beast. Brandt and Harold will set up and take down equipment. Brandt will find DVD.

Rain date movies (SING and Black Panther)- spring or Hal-O-Teen event. New group headed by Harold?

Washington Park update- CRC paid for portable toilets, bounce house, and generator. Well attended- kids had a lot of fun. Rain didn’t scare everyone away until around 7:30pm.

Chestertown Block Party- 9/15/18 12-5pm Scavenger hunt was suggested

Destination playground/Bailey Park playground- swing set has been assembled and is ready to enjoy. Amy will contact the mayor about our next steps for grant $ for a larger playground.

Chess/checkerboard table- Conley park might be a good spot in addition to the obvious Fountain Park and Wilmer Park. We will consider purchasing at end of fiscal year.

Kent County Youth Soccer #s down from last year- Brandt proposed buying some equipment from them. Brandt will follow up.

Next meeting 9/20/18 @ 6pm at Proccolinos.


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