Recreation Commission, 2021, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Recreation Commission

Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Buck Kennard, Brian Kirby, Paul Wilson, Linda Boyer, Carla Johnson, Brandt Troup, Molly and Jimmy Judge, Emily Genther, Tom Herz, Jim Bogden, Harold Somerville, Amy Crouch, Trish McGee, Frank Rhodes, Tom Lippincott, and Chip MacLeod.


  1. Ajax park improvement suggestions: keep one hoop, half size court and toddler playground. Add public restrooms, landscaping/storm water management, more open space for creative play. Concerns: noise, unsupervised/disrespectful youth, scale of park (trying to cram too much into a small space).
  2. New chairperson: Brandt Troup. Emily Genther- secretary
  3. New member interest: Frank Rhodes and Nat Woodward. Still need to fill one more vacancy.
  4. KCMS vandalized benches: police report was filed for insurance claim. Harold will follow up with Rotary member (Bev Birkmire) about the broken bench.
  5. Carpenter Park playground: needs to be replaced- was deemed unsafe by the town and disposed of. Are there grants or organizations that would be willing to donate money to replace the playset? Ask community members what they would like to have.

Next meeting 2/18/21 at 6pm via Zoom.

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